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The Nostalgic Future of Hip-Hop that remains current. You'll play Raydar today. You'll play his music tomorrow. Ten years for now you'll still play him because Raydar makes people mover music that triggers emotions and emotions are forever.


Producing Life Music that Lasts Forever

At one point in Raydar’s life, no one would have believed he would become the Hip-Hop purveyor he is today. Reared in Connecticut with both parents working for IBM, Raydar’s early years were far from the hard-life most rappers talk about. Rather Raydar’s struggles came later as he was forced to navigate through a social and psychological maze of being black but living experiences that most would consider “white.” Regularly Raydar listened to artists like, Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins but it was a video of Lauren Hill and the Fugees that changed his life. From that moment on, his heart, soul and mind belonged to Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop belonged to him. Still fighting the urge to focus on music - a profession that becomes a career typically through luck and good fortune, Raydar enrolled in North Carolina A&T to major in Electrical Engineering. Unable to escape from the inevitable, his passion continuously pursued him. On campus, he found friends with hopes and dreams similar to his and soon, he was packing his bags and heading to Boston, approximately 200 miles from Hip-Hop’s birthplace.

Today, the Berklee College of Music graduate and Brick Records artist, RAYDAR ELLIS has earned a reputation as a phenomenal producer, MC, writer and all out "worker bee." With the ability to write a great song about any topic, URB Magazine proclaimed Raydar Ellis as one of "Next 20 Artists to Look for in 2007." On the album "BOOMBOX," you can witness Raydar's superb production skills as he brilliantly delivers classic beat after beat perfectly blending with Raheem Jamal's clever flow. In a review by AllHipHop.com, one writer proclaims that "Jamal and Ellis back each other perfectly though each track and the one artist-one producer combination makes BOOMBOX a record for the masses without the fluff and hype of having a commercial value."

Soon the world will hear even more from Raydar Ellis. Recently, Raydar produced two songs for Dr. Dre protege, Dawaun "MostArt" Parker and his group, The GodBody. This obviously makes Raydar an underground force to be reckoned with as Dawaun Parker himself is an in-house producer and keyboardist for Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records. The good news is that the industry is starting buzz about the up-and-coming, Hip-Hop superman. One album review passionately champions Raydar's cause by stating that Raydar's own 2006 release, "LATE PASS" was "criminally slept-on." Other writers proclaim Raydar to be the "Next School." Proving that he can demand the attention of audiences without discussing bling and drugs, "Sambo Song," a cut about the stereotypes and struggles of black actors and Hip-hop artists reached #2 on the RapNetwork Record Breakers Top 30 and #3 on the RapAttackLives.com 2007 rap charts.

In 2005, Raydar's own group, the Short Bus performed at the NBA Allstar game opening for Ludacris, Ciara and others. Two years earlier, Raydar Ellis was also a part of the Beats for Peace Tour with Slum Village, Pharoahe Monch, Cee Lo Green & The Jazz and Hip-Hop Allstars. Other credits include performances with Edo. G., El Da Sensei, 7L & Esoteric, Edan, Termanology, Slaine, Tanya Morgan, OC, Casual, Kaze, Kev Brown, Sheila E., George Duke, Me'shell N'Degeocello, George Porter (The Meters), Donald Harrison, & Christian Scott. An accomplished speaker, Raydar has participated in various panels including the Hip-Hop Empowerment Summit and the Essence Magazine, Take Back the Music Songwriting Contest.

Be notified, Raydar is definitely ready for the airways and radio plays. Those Hip-hop enthusiasts desiring sonic art from a pure musician and talented artist should be sure to get their own radars pointed in Ellis' direction.


Late Pass, Brick Records - Rayar Ellis

Boombox, Brick Records - Raheem Jamal
Exclusive Production by Raydar Ellis

The Dimebag - Raydar Ellis Sampler CD

Set List

Raydar Ellis sets are typically 1 hour complete with live instrumentation.