Ray Davon

Ray Davon


smooth r&b


I was born in little town outside of Hamburg Germany.At the age of 3 we moved to N.Y.City,while my father finished his military stint.At the age of 4 ,I moved to P.A.,where i was first introduced to music in high school.I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some pretty amazing musicians.To this day it still amaze's me how you can put musicians of all different color's, backgrounds ,etc... together in a room and jam your ass's off and never once think about the bass player being black or the sax player is oriental,it never mattered.If the rest of the world could get on that page WOW! My influences are too many to count,but I still love the old Motown sound,along with some Earth,Wind and Fire,and Stevie Wonder. I have been blessed to have had some of my earlier songs in four Disney and Touchstone films,including " STELLA" with Bette Midler,"The Rescue "," Gross Anotomy " and " Dangerous Love". I am currently writing the entire soundtrack for a childrens animation film called " Shooz" which I am very excited about.So as you listen to my music I hope you can hear a little blend of old and new,but most of all, something fresh. Peace Ray


Ray Davon c.d. release feb.26th 2009