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Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE
Band Pop Rock


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“Grided elephant” (Cydonia 04) EP
“The biggest box” (Aloud Music 05) LP
"Manual de gènere catastròfic" (RGB Suports 08) LP



Raydibaum was born at the end of 2000 when Dan Foz and Ricard Monné contacted Valen Nieto and Pep Rius. All of them had been playing in different bands of Barcelona for some years: “We felt like doing something we hadn’t done before; instead of a direct and hard style, we wanted to do something more ambient but intense at the same time. We were trying to emulate the influences from the 90s.”

After going through different stages, recording demos, composing and looking for a singer, finally, Valen Nieto assumes the responsibility on the microphone: “Actually, it was all very natural, though I guess we had to go through a whole process before realizing that he was the right option.”

At the end of 2003 they start recording their first work which will be titled “Grided elephant” (Cydonia 04). This EP with 5 songs opens them the doors to various festivals and to play all through Spain. During 2005 they go to the studio again to record what would become their second work, “The biggest box” (Aloud Music 05) which is released in October and is presented with great success in Sala Bikini, where they have the honor to play after Madee (the singer of which, Ramón Rodríguez, has always been one of the “patrons” of the band) opens for them. “The biggest box was a really hard work, we got there with a lot of enthusiasm, but the recording process got very long. However, the record had very good reviews and it allowed us to play in many places, from Gandía to Madrid or Euskadi… This record really opened us some doors that until then had been closed for us…”. The record was complemented with a brilliant animation video clip done by the illustrator Liliana Fortuny. “The animation video clip seemed perfect to us, first of all because we thought that we didn’t fit in the prototype of a band that wants to appear playing on TV, and secondly because the story of a galactic breadbear could definitely be better told by way of illustrations, rather than with us playing dumb…”.

All through 2006 and part of 2007 Raydibaum played in the stages all around Spain, including some festivals like SENGLARROCK 06 or INVICTRO 07, besides opening for bands like Lukestar or Logh, both from Sweden.

At the beginning of 2008 Raydibaum come up with nine new songs and they decide to record them and this time, they do it in Catalan: “ …we had all these new songs without the lyrics; only melody, structure and the basic arrangements. They were only ideas that had to be completed. We were curious to see what would happen if we did the lyrics in Catalan, so that anyone who wanted could understand them without using a dictionary. We were afraid that the sonority of Catalan would not fit our music, but we have realized that our distrust was based on groundless prejudices. Yes. We thought we were not going to like neither the sonority nor the content of the lyrics…”

The result is the new work by Raydibaum: “Manual de gènere catastròfic” (RGB suports 08), 11 songs of Pop/Rock with a surprising force that can be directly related to the independent scene of Barcelona:“…This record supposed mainly a great effort to be precise. We have refused to include all accessory musical paraphernalia from the previous records and have tried to get to the roots of the songs. This is not a concept record, but we had in mind a kind of emotional structure. We didn’t want to start like all the records with the loudest songs at the beginning and all the clichés of what a record has to be, but we wanted to do it according to what we would like to listen to…”

The record was produced by Ricky Falkner, -“… for us it has been ideal to work with a producer who mainly deals with musical issues such as Ricky Falkner. There’s no doubt he knew how to capture what we wanted to do and has helped to give each song the atmosphere we were looking for…”. In order to present the record live, the band has decided to draft Ramón Beltran on the keyboards. – “...to add the nuances of a Rhodes or a piano to our live performances was a challenge, and now we can finally do it...”