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I have a album called REEL SHIT.
i have 3 hits on it the number 1 hit is titled -Fuck That- can be heard on youtube under my old artist name J money and i wrote all the lyrics but my friend josh a.k.a fly young eazy wanted to remix it so i have a video on youtube of the remix with him. you would search J money fuck that and my friend is the tatted up one and the guy in the wheel chair is J wheels he is my producer of videos and music currently because i use his studio. and on facebook i have two songs that are the other two hits named All about My Paper and My A.K . my facebook is under jordan jordan out of tampa florida. I am currently waiting to hear word on the attempt to get a track put on coast to coast mixtapes produced by SCHOOLBOYQ.

p.s videos and songs coming to epk shortly getting my stuff downloaded on new pc taking forever and untill then GO TO www.youtube.com THEN search my old rap name JMONEY and name of song FUCK THAT and you will see it should say JMONEY and FLY YOUNG EAZY FUCK THAT thanks.



My name is RAYDON. I am currently living in Tampa Florida. Ever since i can remember i have been rapping,singing,writing etc. I grew up in a house of musicians my family is from New Orleans LA and Baton Rouge LA. My dad currently plays in a southern rock, country band known all over Tampa FL area as THE DELTA RIVER BAND along with my uncle who has played in the Nashville circuit alongside Darius Rucker and Billy Currington. All of the music that i write and record have a country soulful deliverance vibe and flow to them. They are rich with power and meaning, a lot of my influences growing up through the years have been, 2pac, biggie,lil boosie,webbie,yo gotti etc... I am a musician that can fit in anywhere i know what my fans and the streets are thriving to hear and i give it to them raw and uncut. I can also switch it up and make a "club banger" that everyone can enjoy. I am a very hard worker whos dedicated and love making people happy. I am not afraid to go out of my element an feel a little uncomfortable to advance in this industry i will get on any track that is thrown my way and give it everything i have to make it the best. I grew up moving back and forth from a rough city named Baton Rouge LA To the city im in now Tampa Florida where i have struggled and had to grind and hustle for everything i own. i grew up playing football and became great at it but i started hanging out with the stereo typical "wrong crowd" and ended up dropping out of school in the 10 th grade. i had a daughter at 16 and started working in the streets. I started out freestyling to relieve stress then turned to writing when my friend and rapper who signed with tom g D BOY GRIP told me "man you got what it takes" and ever since that day ive been told by everybody how unique and amazing my flow is. And I think everything iv'e been through in life has made me that much stronger better and emotional in my lyrics. People say to me all the time "damn man you gave me goose bumbs" or the chills, that's because i have emotion and pain in my raps that most artists don't deliver. I strive everyday to learn, to become better and practice and write more than the next artist because i have always been told what will divide the men from the boys is heart and who wants it the most and who works the hardest at what they love to do. My dad always told me he has never worked a day in his life and i never understood it till recently i asked what he meant and he said because if you love something its not work its fun. And i love every moment iv'e lived in lie i'm glad for my struggles because it made me the man i am today. if you never have to work for what you want and its all handed to you in life you have never lived what don't break a man make a man and i'm very spiritual and i believe that i'm put here from god to motivate and install determination into the youth and adults of this world to become what they want to be that its possible to live your dream if i can do it we all can. I want my music to be inspiration to america and everywhere else. I want my daughter to have things i didn't have to have better opportunities to succeed then me. To be the best father i can be to her. Music is my life i have been played on the U.K satelite radio and i have played at clubs in metro Tampa area and at a couple concerts with some upcoming artists such as d boy grip and i have worked along side fatha rebb in my studio i am currently recording out of. i have around 4,ooo known followers and want to increase and become hopefully one of the greatest. i know i have a shot if i were able to be put in the right hands i could do big things. To whom it may concern, I give thanks to everyone who reads and/or responds to my bio music is my life and always has and will be. I will continue to write record and make music till i die i will strive to be the best thanks again, much love.