New Haven, Connecticut, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

Raw hip-hop with modern day talent. A very lyrical flow.


Raymond Fenner, aka RayDoze was born in New Haven, Connecticut and is the co-founder and CEO of Company Entertainment LLC which is an independent record label based in the State of Connecticut.
RayDoze is also a hip hop artist, music producer, and song writer and has worked with various artists’ around the tri-state and New York area. Many artist’ like Jermain G, Severe, Dream Star Productions, Rolaina Wright, Madam and many more artist have worked closely with RayDoze for the sounds that they were hoping to achieve. He has also done duets with Rolaina.
At a young age, RayDoze grew up listening to hip hop, rap, gospel, R&B, soul, reggae and other music. When he turned twelve he started rapping and began to take the music he rapped and sang about seriously. Seventeen years later he created the label Company Entertainment with his partners Bodayga and T. Doe.
On the Company Entertainment label they released four mix tapes called Hostile Takeover. Hostile Takeover volume II was hot and sold more than 30,000 copies. RayDoz’s lyrical genius and the strong input of Nas and Rakim put forth the effort with finesse to create a commercially appealing single rap CD.
RayDoz has his own distinctive sound which he carries in his soul and he will never give up or quit because he is a fierce producer and has the creativity it takes to make it in the music industry.


That girl

Set List

Sets are 25 min. Song list is That girl, up, better light, how you do that, paint it black, so official, go get it