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- lyrics only at this time-hope to put band together in the future

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Last Chance Saturday Night

Written By: Eddie Dunn, Robert Cross

I sit alone in the dark while she cries in bed
our love's a casualty of the war
It's been more than a year since I've held her tight
I'm afraid she doesn't love me anymore
So I found my old boots that I hid away
and I ask her to help me dance
She smiles through a tear and says let's go back
to the place where our love first began
Now we're two broken hearts trying to heal somehow
Come on legs don't fail us now
As we sway to the band at the Cowtown Lights
on this last chance Saturday night
Verse 2
The sawdust feels good as she helps me move
I remember the look in her eyes
the night we fell in love on that dusty old floor
before the war shattered our lives
Now I pull her close where she's meant to be
and I whisper always be mine
She kisses my lips then I silently pray
that this night has come just in time
Repeat Chorus
With my new pair of legs and my Purple Heart
I've traveled the long road home
I fought my way back to a brand new start
now she's here in my arms once more
Repeat Chorus
* last line of last chorus: 'it's just another Saturday night