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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Raye 6 is The New Cheif in Charge"


Brooklyn's crazy-sexy singer/songwriter/producer Raye6 is going to be the next chief in charge. Believe.
- Fancy Pants

"Raye 6 uses her Illusions"

Our all singing/MCing/songwriting/producing, recording demos in the back of a van, performing in body paint, darling from Brooklyn, Raye 6, just sent us a brand spanking new song "recorded a few minutes ago". 'Illusion' has a bit of an mellow, borderline trip-hop, acid tinge to it – a bit different from Raye's previous offerings.

Check out an interview with the lady in the Peace Edition. (Timely, innit? We didn't even plan it. Promise. Serendipity is sa-weet.) - Katie Olsen Life Lounge Magazine

"Who is Raye 6"

At first glance one may not know what to make of Raye 6, and honestly she could care less. A Brooklyn native with a style inexplicably her own, big pompadour with the shaven side, sequence and a white tee, tights and faux snake skinned boots, she makes no excuses for her mix-matched style which she confesses is more of a mood. We as consumers are generally force fed the latest trends and are Jedi Mind tricked into believing the hype of garbage, labeled ‘The new hot ish’, so unlike most artists whose styles are vacuumed sealed by their labels, the woman who has been likened to that of Prince, prefers her image free from gimmicks, and her boundaries as far back as Tyra Banks’ hairline. And just like Prince, it ain’t hard to tell that Raye 6 is comfortable in her own skin.

Sex, music, Erykah Badu’s assets, and Lady Gaga, she doesn’t shy from stating her opinions on any subject matter. Don’t get it twisted though, this freak against conformity does draw the line—she loves the kids, but she doesn’t do it for them. She’s an adult, and as she professes, she does ‘adult music’ so her music needs only be subjected to those of mature minds. Saddle up and guard your necks as you get to know The Artist Currently Known As Raye 6. - Houston Style Magazine

"Raye 6 attends the 2010 MTV Movie Awards"

http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/cityguide/2010-06/08/content_9949219.htm - China Daily


L.I.P.S love is powerfully sexy 10 song Lp out in Japan
Universal Lover the single on Itunes now
M1 of Dead Prez Confidential
Been Through - M1 Raye Ghostface



Many have wondered and some have fantasized what a female version of Prince would be like, even Prince  tried to create his female prototype but as dope as Sheena Easton was and as sexy as Vanity 6 may have been they all lived in the shadow of their creator so I introduce to you Raye 6 while comparable to "The Artist" this woman shines in her own light. Erotic, worldly, talented singer, song-writer, producer, and performer Raye 6 has a psychedelic soulful sound accompanied w/ lyrics written from a woman who has lived and learned. First introduced to the masses through her collaborations w/ Ghost Face Killah, Joe Budden, and M1 of Dead Prez, Raye 6 has been making a huge stir in New York City performing on bills w/Ryan Leslie, Res, Ray J and Theophilus London with her too sexy cameos accompanied by Bubble Girls, rose petals and eyes glued onto and mesmerized by her amazing ability to captivate an audience. Her impressive arsenal of skills and gifts (she sings, writes, produces all of her songs & she runs biz) are only matched by her stunning looks. This beautiful lady's got quite a life story to weave into sonic vibrations, and she will pour her heart into her music without ever holding back. Aware and vocal of the issues facing women Raye 6 inspires the ladies to take control of their existence. Influenced by anyone who has stepped outside of the norm to create their own reality, She brings you into her world of uncensored expression, class, fantasy and indulgence. Raye 6 is now ready to take the world by storm. A sexually liberated feminist, Raye 6 is captivating and sensual and that encourages men and women alike to lose their inhibitions. The question is: are you ready? Universal Lover the single available on ITUNES http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/universal-lover-single/id348696782