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We do stuff that rocks and stuff that people know, but stuff people aren't sick of hearing yet. We take pride in putting our own "rock spin" on certain tunes that everyone knows but wouldn't necessarily make it into a rock band's set. We call it "RayGun-izing" the song.


RayGun began to stir in Nathan and Dave and they felt compelled to do something about it. The idea was to put together a great rock band that played tunes people know and love, but aren't sick of hearing at every corner club or festival...To be a band that makes people grateful for the gift of music, glad that they ventured out to see the band, and happy to part with a cover charge or ID check to experience RayGun...To be a band that impressed everyone in their midst - from clubowners to bouncers to the dude at the back of club with the "prove it to me" thing going on. With these desires in mind, they sought the help of a bass player and frontperson. Along came David. He absolutely owned the audition. He was on fire for the band and the music they were doing and was added to the fold. Then came the frontman. Dan came in, auditioned, and within seconds (almost literally) found his way into the band. With band experience aplenty, it was time to choose songs, form setlists, and develop a style that would cause people to stand up and take notice.

Mostly, but not exclusively, we're into stuff that rocks, no matter what era. Great songs and great bands/musicians are timeless. Secondly, we love those who are masters of melody and hook. Music without a melody or hook is pretty pointless. Thirdly, we cherish the humble among us. They're also usually the coolest among us. Lastly, we dig people who have ever shown interest in RayGun.


We're good, but are we so good that folks would play our covers instead of the original? We know not...

Set List

We typically do 3 one hour sets (more or less as needed). Each set with about 12 tunes. Here's a typical setlist of ours...

2. Evenflow - PEARL JAM
3. New Your Groove - ACE FREHLEY
4. Somebody Told Me - THE KILLERS
5. Back In Black - AC/DC
6. American Woman - THE GUESS WHO
7. Hungry Like the Wolf - DURAN DURAN
8. Ziggy Stardust - DAVID BOWIE
10. Wish You Were - INCUBUS
11. Fat Bottomed Girls - QUEEN
12. A Girl Like You - SMITHEREENS
13. Cochise - AUDIOSLAVE