Ray Hendricks

Ray Hendricks


Ray Hendricks was one of the best up and coming solo acts in Boston. He decided to take time off in late 2005, and form a band to capture his unique styling and further interest fans. This band forms an incredible fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, pop and soul. While maintaining a slight songwriter feel.


The music is not your average singer songwriter backing band music. It’s a collective group, putting together thoughts and ideas with Ray’s to make a musical stew, between these 4 musicians. “It’s like Dave Matthews band meets John Mayer meets Marvin Gaye mash them all up and you get Ray Hendricks .”
Deeply rooted in Western Mass, you can hear distinctness in the music. I’d be hard pressed to find a band exactly like these guys. Give it a listen there’s only so much I can say the proof is in the tunes.


Beyond the basement 2/2006
expoitboston.com acoustic tracks

Set List

45-60 minute sets
with covers blended into original songs
and jams