Ray Heffernan

Ray Heffernan


"Social commentary mixed with realism and romance", Heffernan is entering Gainsbourg territory" - Irish Examiner


The name Ray Heffernan is well known throughout Ireland and the UK due to his cult status among songwriters and musicians. With songs in English, Irish, French and Italian, he has become widely regarded as one of Europe's top acoustic performers, and talk of his lyrics and melodies is snowballing into an avalanche of critical acclaim.

Born in Dublin, Heffernan left Ireland at 17 to study Musical Therapy in Northern France, where he worked for 6 years with Children with Autism in this study of basic communication. He now applies this craft to the songs he writes today, using simple sing-along melodies to tackle major social issues, with lyrics and depth of knowledge that belie his 34 years. His list of songwriting partners includes Robbie Williams, Wallis Bird and Declan O'Rourke, and his music and songs have been used in Film, TV and advertising productions.

This year sees the release of "In My Own Time", a collection of songs and videos, written and recorded over three years, in five European countries, and in six languages. From the achingly beautiful "Sexy Little Secrets", a love song which has drawn comparisons to Gainsbourg, to the Dylanesque protest of "No More Peace", a scathing attack at the Bush regime, this album is a cross-section of songwriting at it's finest.


No More Peace

Written By: Ray Heffernan


Hey Condoleece’
When you come back
From tearing up the pieces of Iraq
Hey Condoleece’
How can you talk of peace
While you burn the free world down?
Burn the free world down

And when George Bush
Says “In God we Trust”
The only thing he’s preaching is greed and bloodlust
And on foreign soil
trading blood for oil
To burn the free world down
Burn the free world down

Where the bad guys win, and the good guys lose
Depending on which brand of “Freedom” you choose
And depending on when who’s broadcasting the news
gets lazy.
… and speaking of Crazy…

Hey Chaney,
Can you blame me?
For doubting what you’re telling us lately
You can’t put a square peg thru a round hole
Or a little white lie thru a big black soul
But in D.C.,
where miraculously
The put a 757 thru a 20 foot hole
A 757 thru a 20 foot hole
So stop for just a second, and let’s take a cold, hard
Look at 911 with the eyes of your soul

Cause in Afghanistan they let the “Enemy” loose
They’ll roll into Iran to chase another wild goose
And see if they can find another excuse
To bear the teeth of the world police

So, Hey Condoleece’
When you come back
From sharing out the pieces of Iraq
Hey, Condoleece, bring the troops back
And preferably not in a body bag
Or we’ll march the streets screaming “NO MORE PEACE”
For George, Dick, Donald and Condoleece
George, Dick, Donald and Condoleezaaaaaaaaa…

(Music and Lyrics by Ray Heffernan ©2007)

The Next No.1 Hit

Written By: Ray Heffernan

Music and Lyrics by Ray Heffernan ©2007

All O Y’All, Better hear me now, better hear me now, come by.
Ya see, someone’s gotta stand up, big, strong and rock steady
Take a stand to the man and I can cause I already had my hand up
Before the teacher asked. It’s time to put the gloves away, cause in the past
I was too shy to say what I really thought
And this battle with the best and brightest of me, I fought like a dog and lost.
Got caught in the doubt and the counting the costs and I burnt every bridge I ever crossed.
But I’ve no apologies to make; I give more than I take.
Sure, I’ve made some big mistakes, but sometimes that’s what it takes, to push on through
To the energy that exists between you and me that will never fade or disappear
and round here, we ride a LOVE chariot.

All O Y’All, Better hear me now, better hear me now, come by.
So, come and put your hand up, if you think you know the answer
How we gonna treat this Cowell cancer?
How come these fruity suited chancers make idols out of stage school dancers?
But every week, live on ITV
They make fools out of you and me, saying “You MUST call”
Like’s it’s life or death
Like these kids are gulping for their last breath,
(now, there’s a tv show I’d watch
“Celebrities get kicked in the crotch”
like that Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell
Don’t it make you wanna throw in the towel
like those muppets who thought everything was shit
and meanwhile, backstage, the next number one hit is decided.
Before they write it.
But you gotta give the kids what the what the kids want
Some 16 year old debutant
Dressed up like a 20 dollar whore
Doing her best to impress that Sharon Osbourne
And she’s only a week out of her school uniform
And just a website away from Kiddie Porn.

All O Y’All, Better hear me now, better hear me now, come by.
So let me check check the mic, lemme check check the mic
Cause you know what these bastards are like
They say “You’re just jealous, cause you never made it
You wished on a star, and your star faded”
And yeah, maybe, I’m a little frustrated
But Everyday, a little more educated
I don’t mean to be cold and critical
I just like music to be soulful and lyrical
It just winds me up to see these soulless and cynical
Fools serve up the same songs that are clinically
Tested and tried by the clueless corporate
Industry heads flogging the cold dead horse.
Dead eyes, dead taste of saccharin and shortbread
A four course formula your kids are force fed
But when the music is gone and there’s no songs left
Just a monophonic noise, all bereft of any
real life substance or melody or words
when we look to the bards, but they’re gone to the birds.
when the music is dead, and the death bell’s ringin
I’ll be standing at the back with my hand up singin…

All O Y’All, Better hear me now, better hear me now, come by.

Let Go Of The Wheel

Written By: Ray Heffernan

It’s not like I knew you that well anyway.
Or you’d listen to a single word I say.
When I said I was leaving you just laughed, and turned your face away
It’s not what you do, it’s what you don’t say that keeps me around,
And it’s not what I can’t, it’s what I can, that I can’t get my head around
I can’t get my head around,
I can’t get my head..

Close your eyes, make a wish. Tell me how it feels when you let go of the wheel.
I’m not looking for answers, baby, no, I’m just driving with the top down. (x2)

Driving with the top down.

It’s not like we meant that much anyway, on a universal scale.
You sat looking up at the stars and said “I feel so small, but look what we’ve found”
I’m not looking to change the way you live, I just want to feel alive.
To live in a place where it’s about what you feel, and not what you drive.

But I can’t get my head around,
I can’t get my head.


It’s not like I knew you that well anyway, but I should have guessed that
It’s not just the best, it’s the rest of you that I can’t get my arms around
I can’t get my arms around
Can’t get my arms


(Words and music by Ray Heffernan ©2004)

Sexy Little Secrets

Written By: Ray Heffernan

Sexy Little Secrets

Tell me all your sexy little secrets and I will tell you mine.
And while I've got you on the line
I just want to say how truly beautiful you are
You're and angel, you're a star
I wanna be where you are
Cause you sparkle and you shine
Yeah, you twinkle when you smile
Like a million sexy little secrets in the sky.

Tell me all your sexy little secrets and I will tell you mine
See, I'm not the kind of guy
Who likes to bend his will for another man's wont
And when you whispered "Don't"
I knew you understood
Cause you're everything that's good
And I know that I don't saying this enough
But I love you so much
Ii am silenced by your kiss
and I am humbled by your touch
and I love you

I love you

So, slowly, kiss me.
Then kiss me again.

Words and Music by Ray Heffernan ©2006


2004 "What you feel, not what you drive"
2006 "Irish Music on Irish Radio"
2007 Award Winning "Sexy little Secrets" Short Film
2007 "No More Peace" Music Video
2007 "In My Own Time"

Set List

Standard set is 45-60 minutes

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