Ray Hunter

Ray Hunter

BandHip HopReggae

A modern one man band bringing the natural and the technical worlds of music together as one.


Ray Hunter uses live looping equipment to create guitar and beat driven songs piece by piece in a live solo performance. Styles ranging from reggae, funk, folk rock, hip hop, and fusion Ray dazzles audiences with hip gripping rhythms, sizzling hot guitar leads, and mind opening lyrics.
A musician singer song writer of 14 years, self taught from the age of 12. Born and raised on the outskirts of Detroit MI Ray had mix of influences ranging from rock, rap, punk, funk, hip hop, and more that dwells in the local scene there. He has been a traveler for more than 7 years, gathering inspiration and experience from across the country side. The recent introduction of technology to his hardware has widened the horizons of potential for Ray and he has taken it in full sail, developing his own unique techniques for using the equipment!
Ray will always be open for collaboration with other musical minded and spirited beings and will usually have a special guest accompanist for a song or two from the set performed.


A Buzzing Sound

Written By: Ray Hunter

There's a fly on the mic and he's making a buzzing sound that's buzzing through my brain I do believe it could be driving me insane running me down that lane I grab a hold of my thoughts as I try to maintain.
The things that I learned before, shaking it loose out on the dance floor, now the only thing that I wana do, the only thing I wana do is shake shake shake you, UH!!!
Make your way, make your way, make your own way on through here's the thing you do, Its hard to believe all of the things you can do,


Written By: Ray Hunter

I got some bran new speakers, and some new things to say, I got some bran new speakers, and some new music to play
I got some bran new speakers and some new music to play, Im going to hook it up plug it in rite here today, with a follow through coming through on the attack of the wack fact that Im picking up slack, from way back when, catching up now with all my old friends my homies Tony Bologna Seth D. and Nick B. the ones who showed me on my way, to my first show, opened the doors and helped my mind grow and my eyes to see all the possibilities in the existence of other realities, running though the trees, singing with the birds, without any words, carrying on like the breeze, moving through time with the greatest of ease, swinging from vine to vine with the greatest of ease, feeling so fine and I hope that everyone can cut loose to this rhythm and have a little fun, like a moose in Idaho on the run, or a Dr. Sues book under the sun, like a grand prize that you just won the game you played before it ever begun,
I got some bran new speakers, and some new things to say, I got some bran new speakers, and some new music to play


"Breaking glass" Ray Hunter with The Atomic Cocktails 1995, "Songs for Nemo" Ray Hunter with Kaya Farm 1999, "Another beginning" Ray Hunter and Tricia Story 2005, "The New Stuff" Ray Hunter 2009

Set List

Set can range from 45 minute 8 songs to 2 hour 20 songs.