Ray Jones

Ray Jones

 Sicklerville, New Jersey, USA
BandHip HopJam

"The eclectic Ray Jones caters to the moods one massages through music thereby defining its essence"-Manager & Sony A&R, Gabriel Irizarry

"Ray Jones' voice is so distinct that at the end of his career it will not matter if he walks up to a mic and says shit on a stick."- Dr. Tracy Randall


By the time he was 8 years old, Ray Jones was showing signs of creative genius by writing his first poem. As a teenager, "Brass Knux" evolved through his ability to KO contenders with punch-lines rather then employ his 6'4 200lb stature. Where some wore brass knuckles to emphasize their punch, Ray threw out verbal hooks that put contenders to shame. The name stuck. It was during these years that he began DJ'ing at house parties in his hometown of Sicklerville, Jersey. Making a deep connection to the music and lyrical styles of Jedi Mind Tricks, Big Pun, Biggie, Tupac, Sublime and others, Brass Knux wanted nothing more than to find his own voice and was soon writing and performing his own raps.

While attending the University of Massachusetts on a football scholarship, Ray Jones continued his music career. With each day that passed he became more and more aware of his desire to become a full-time emcee. He finally gave into his passion and left Massachusetts and a potential NFL career to pursue his art in California as expressed in his popular record "Ticket to Cali". Settling in San Diego, Ray Jones began a grass roots effort to cultivate and spread his musical vision. He performed on college campuses, The Unknown Theatre in Hollywood, and Octane Alley in Huntington Beach. Audiences embraced his charismatic energy and distinct voice.

As an extreme sports enthusiast with an affinity for the underground skater movement, Ray Jones wants to formulate his grind and create a sound that further expands the current trends in Hip Hop. He says, "you can see me grindin’ like I'm riding on a skateboard!" He wants to help pave the way for the next generation of emcees. And he wants you to know that when he comes in on 16 bars, you most definitely will know that Ray Jones is in the house!