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The best kept secret in music


"The Pipes- Montclair, NJ"

north jersey notes

by tim louie

09/08/04 - THE PIPES—Montclair, NJ
A couple of weeks ago while I was rehearsing with my band Something Just down at Backstage Rehearsal Studios in West Paterson, NJ, I met a band called The Pipes. Very cool guys and not to mention, they handed me a CD saying, “Hey, check out my band!” At the time, they had no idea that I was the weirdo who wrote this column, so for them to just give me a CD out of the blue, I thought that was just excellent marketing. Well, back to the CD titled The Shanty Demos. There were some pretty cool, well-written songs. The lyrics were awesome and totally relatable. The songs just seemed to be missing something, I just can’t seem to put my finger on what it is. Songs that really caught my attention were “Void,” “Hey Alana,” and “Hip Switch.” The production was a little weak, but the point was well taken.

In the early spring of 2003, singer Ray Einhorn went to close friend and former bandmate Chris Ward to ask him a favor. The favor was to help him put together a project called Stretched. It was the vision of Ward and Ray to make a CD that was unique and had a point. In the fall of 2003, after sitting on the CD, some remixing, and rewriting, The Pipes were born. Later on in the year, Ray hooked up with drummer Moses Brown, thanks to and ad in The Aquarian, to write even more songs. After showcasing their music, The Pipes decided to add to their line-up...bassist Poppa G., lead guitarist Ken Ryan, a second drummer named Green, and the lovely, MC Rudy. Together they create an eclectic variation of instruments and gritty, melodic vocals that sing about life experiences.

Although I haven’t seen their live show yet, I get the sense that their live show is energetic. That’s if their CD The Shanty Demosis any indication. If you want to find out where The Pipes are playing next, or you want hear what they sound like...or you want a copy of their CD, go to www.thepipes.net
- The Aquarian


February 2003 ( Streched 10 song lp)
August 2003 (Rayko Pipes 5 song ep)
July 2004 (The Pipes 7 song ep)
NOVEMBER 2004 **thekennyryanband** 13 song acoustic LP
April 2005 ***RayKoPipes- Rug Dust 13*** First Major Release on DPP Records, NY, NY.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born in Las Vegas and raised in the shadows of Atlantic City, Rayko Pipes is no stranger to luck- both good and bad. Troubled youth, stormy relationships, and bad luck- Ray was in serious need for a good outlet. A writer from the time he mastered language, Ray wrote stories, songs, news, and was a published poet by the age of 18.

At 19 years old, while attending Caldwell College for Communications, Drama, and Music, Ray met Dan Rainey in a music theory class. The two then started up a band called SuGru with college friends Dave Harshbarger and Jay Diehl. SuGru split after some time and they all went their seperate ways. Rainey took to spiritual study and retreat, while Rayko Pipes took a few years to study music theory and guitar.
During this time Rayko Pipes recorded a demo with local producer Ward at his Denville studio. He pressed about 1000 copies and spread the cd in the NYC metro area. A chance encounter at Boxer's on West 4th St in NYC, led to a record contract landing on Rayko's table.
In mid-October of 2003 Ray handed out his demo to the right person at the right time, and the 5-song EP made it into the car stereo of John"Binky" Phillips. Phillips is the founder of fledgling big apple record label, DotPointPeriod Records. He offered Rayko Pipes a deal, and he set out to put together the touring band. Ray, now 23, found a small local band without a singer, and recruited Rainey to play again. The two came back together with garage band Moses Brown in 2004 for a project called The Pipes. The Pipes saw a successful year, but when band troubles led to a break-up- Rayko Pipes and Dan Rainey set out on their own again.

The Rayko Pipes project is born...

Rainey, a superior guitarist, is also the frontman of Insufficeint Funds, plays sitar, and studies the I-ching. He brings wonderful musicianship and creativity to the project. Rayko Pipes offers a life full of stories and circumstance wrapped up in catchy, clever vocals. You cannot help but sing along to the tunes, and you are stuck taking his weathered advice.

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