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Ray Littles

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Ray Littles music is PURE MUSIC meaning that he doesn't rap about the negatitive things and he is more of a positive artist. Ray Littles doesn't even curse in his rhymes, so everybody can enjoy his music.


Hi, Im Ray Littles from Hampton, Virginia. About myself I recently got my Record Label Nov 28,2006 and right now bussiness is looking great. I've been doing Local shows in Va for about a year and Ray Littles is growing a BIG BUZZ IN VA FOR REAL. I've appear on the number 1 radio station in all Hampton Roads WOWI {103 Jamz} about 9 times just in my first year rapping. I also got the honor to do the theme song for the morning show on 103 Jamz, which comes on EVERY SATURDAY MORNING at 8:00 am to kick off the day. I've even was recently in the Local newspaper for my Hip-Hop style because I always give a great show. Im currently working on putting out an album Entitle: Versatility, and the CD going to show my unique styles. You can contact me any time at raylittles@yahoo.com or check myspace.com/Raylittles. Im still working harder and harder so the whole world can know that RAY LITTLES IS NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!!


Well Im currently working on my First Album Ever Entitled: Versatility so I waiting to pick my first single from my album. So my raido play going to come around the middle of April!

Set List

Couple of tracks that will be on the Versatility Album is tracks like: Life Is Written, All My Love Pt.1,
Its A Set Up Pt.1, Get Yo Bounce On. Plus many many many more. It suppose to have 24 tracks on my first LP!