Ray McNiece + Tongue in Groove

Ray McNiece + Tongue in Groove


we are an acoustic folk-rock americana/poetry band featuring original songs and poems accompanied by minimalist arrangements of two guitars, bass, percussion, harmonica and flute including covers of guitar poets such as Dylan, Cohen and Waits.


Ray McNiece, lead singer, poet, rhythm guitarist,
Jim "Salty" Melillo, electric guitars
Mark Gawry, Drum Kit
Matt Harmon, lead guitar, vocals, original songs,
Nick Marino, acoustic upright and electric bass,
Lorne Franklin, drum kit, congas, percussion,
Tim Lachina, Harmonica,
Nancy Redd, lead and backup vocals, flute, percussion.
Tongue-In-Groove was founded in 1996 as a funk rock poetry jam band in the style of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Line up changes including Moss Stanley's Nitebridge Trio gave us a more jazz poetry sound in 2002. We still incorporate elements of our former permutations in our more americana, folk-rock, blues sound which we use as an aural landscape for original poems, songs, and covers of heavily lyric, beat tradition song writers such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits.


The Road That Carried Me Here, Wordsmith Press.
Mouth Music, VineCourt Records.
You can hear cuts of these at Myspace, Ray McNiece