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Let's Move The Party Upstairs

Written By: Raymond Michael Culver

© july 2007

Well I charmed you up and down that bar
Things is goin’ pretty good so far
Yeah, I’ll be yours in the mornin’ I swears
Let’s move the party upstairs

Well you been doin’ everything by the book
Honey, ya got me line, sinker, and hook
I’m gettin’ tired o’ sendin’ up flares
Let’s move the party upstairs

Now playin’ footsie in this den is alright
But there’s a lair I’d like to share - up one flight
I like some mattress with my musical chairs
Let’s move the party upstairs...
Wasn’t it I who said
“No strings attached”?
But when she made my bed
Everything matched

Love, Love is an afterthought
After a fire
What I’d never buy, I bought
With my desire
Desire for her

Bent in defeat I grieve
For my mistake
Wounded heart climbs my sleeve
Fleeing the ache

Love, Love is an afterglow
After a fire
What I had no need to know
Now I require -
Conspire every night...
You be the peasant girl and I’ll be the czar
Coors Light champagne and Pringles caviar
I got no problem with puttin’ on airs
Let’s move the party upstairs

I know a game called Roy and Ginger Rogers
It’s played in white tie, a top hat and spurs
We’ll add new states to the state of affairs
Let’s move the party upstairs

Ya know I need you like an engine needs oil
You’re that watched pot I’m expectin’ t’ boil
Let’s see why Noah had a boat full o’ pairs
Let’s move the party upstairs

Baby, this pressing appointment won’t keep
Honey, this shielded anointment won’t seep
Put down the rabbit’s foot - we won’t kill no hares
Let’s move the party upstairs