Raymond Gregory

Raymond Gregory


Raymond Gregory is a Pop artist from Southern California with a Jazz/R&B flare to his sound. It’s as if George Benson Inhabited James Taylor, and then fused together with Brian Mcnight. His lyrical style is poetic, soulful, and greatly inspired by his amazing life story… Read more in his bio.


Raymond Gregory is a Pop artist from Southern California with a Jazz/R&B flare to his sound – and an interesting story to facilitate. It’s as if George Benson Inhabited James Taylor, and then fused together with Brian Mcnight. His lyrical style is poetic, soulful, straight from the heart, and greatly inspired by his amazing life story. When Raymond was a child, he was pronounced legally deaf after a series of high temperature fevers…he lived without his hearing until his teenage years; when his hearing amazingly started to return. He now retains 80% of his hearing at the age of 21. Raymond says that his experience has solidified his self-purpose: Touch people with music. Raymond says: “I’ve been given the chance to pursue my life-long dream…music.”

Raymond has recently released an EP titled “Why I’m Here,” and the title could not explain the album’s theme any better. From songs with themes of self worth like “My Name,” to questions of existence like the title track “Why I’m Here,” and straight forward anthems of love and praise like “Sweet Love” and “Crazy”- any listener of any background can find a familiar emotion. “Why I’m Here” was recently release to several digital outlets (itunes, rhapsody, verizon…) in winter of 2006, and Raymond now tours and plays shows to promote not only the album, but to connect with people through his music and story.

Raymond delivers an emoitional live experience…true, but also a fun, energetic and dynamic performance as well. The musician in the crowd is quickly satisfied with Raymond’s musicality and guitar skill, while the layman is captured by his delivery and emotion (not to mention soothed by his smooth voice). Whether playing to a crowd at a coffee shop on his acoustic guitar, or taking the stage at a major event with his band; Raymond Gregory delivers a memorable experience that you can carry home with you. Most of all, you will just plain feel good after listening to his music.


My Name

Written By: Raymond Gregory

I hold up this glass to catch all the rain from the sky
It’s my hopeful thinking that I could keep the whole world dry
But I fail once again-I try too hard to become everybody’s friend

I throw on this jacket to hide from the world outside
It’s my own secret fortress to keep all me true feelings confined
So I step outside myself- to see if I can fill the shoes of my someone else

My name constantly escapes me
But you always remind me who I am
I found nothing but lately- you’re my greatest accomplishment

Ooo and I can’t decide-Oh what part of me I should hide
So I step inside myself-because I’ll never fill the shoes of my someone else

I’m not myself and it’s killing me inside
All the things I try to fight
But I just want to be called yours

Off My Mind

Written By: Raymond Gregory

I won't close my eyes,
and I won't make a sound
'till you say I'm allowed
to speak again
There's nothing left to say
words just get in the way
of the poetry I try to write for you.

You can turn my prose
into a beautiful rose, and take
the whole world's breath away
Just a hideouse spare part, but in your hands a work of art
you formed a sculpture
out of miry clay

I can't get you off my mind
I would sleep but it would
just waiste time
i could stay with you until the
break of day
Just to hear you say my name


Written By: Raymond Gregory

They imagine themselves out in the middle of the ocean
No one around to hear their cries
But minutes from now, drifting out in the open
No one quite remembers why
They slipped out of their Sundays best. Head first into selfishness
And I’m the one who’s crazy?

I’m so in love with you
I’ll do anything you ask me to
They say I’m crazy, but I’m crazy in love
And you will always be enough

It’s always a shame to leave a scar on your name
That never quite regains its respect
They worked so hard to find their place in the stars
That no one seems to regret
The stains that were left on our hearts
Relationships torn apart. And I’m the one who’s crazy?

Hold on to my heart. Seems it tends to fall apart
And I’m not crazy; I’m just so caught up in you


EP - "Why I'm Here" Released winter on 2006

Radio/Internet Single- "My Name" (from "Why I'm Here")

Set List

I can acomodate a performance up to 90 mins...

My Name*
Sweet Love*
Why I'm Here*
Morning Song
Respect You
Consider It Joy
Winter Time
Off My Mind
Take my breath away
Come around
Summer's Day
...more to come...

*indicates songs on EP