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rayshawn bedell

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My music is real hip hop. i been raised off hip hop and i been listening to the greats, the jay z and nas, and biggie small since i was younger.


Rayshawn Bedell is an artist coming by way of the south part of the bronx in one of the worlds most famous city, New York. Born and raised in the bronx music played a big part of his life while growing up. "I recall being very young like five or six years old and my grandfather would always play music, and even then i always recalled how that music made me fell while listening to it. cant anything really come close to the 70s and 80s that brand of music and the artist it produced for us to enjoy forever is just classic". Rayshawn would grew up listing to the likes of Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Luther Vandross and many more. It was not until he met his uncle inlaw that he found a love for hip hop saying "yeah he got me into it, that wu-tang clan, and biggie smalls and most of all jay-z". As a teen he would float around working with many different small indie-labels and making many songs. But music was not the only talent he had, in 2003 he was casted a role in the motion film ELF staring will ferrell. When asked why choose music over acting he said this, "acting feels like a job like i was doing it just to do it and get paid, but music was like life, i could go many days without seeing a movie but i cant say the same for music


forverlasting: the mix tape 2012

Set List

remote lounge nyc
recoup lounge nyc
webster hall nyc
howard johnson hotel nj
bronx day festival nyc