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Ray Silkman

Aurora, Illinois, United States | SELF

Aurora, Illinois, United States | SELF
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"Ray Silkman burns up airwaves with Saxual Hit"

"We have never seen the response to a jazz song like we have seen to Ray Silkman's So Saxual, every single time we play the song the phone lines light up" Mel Devon V103 - V103-Radio/ A Clear Channel Station Chicago

"Ray Silkman "Phenomenal Musician with a Gift""

Ray Silkman "Phenomenal Musician with a Gift"

Life has its challenges; some of them we may overcome or conquer in due time. Moreover, it seems apparent for many to stay in life’s battle to win the fight. After arriving in the Chicago area during the mid 80’s, Ray Silkman’s adversities of beating the odds of once being homeless and robbed wasn’t easy for the inspiring musician to cope with. Nonetheless, he believed in his dream and refused to give up, overcoming intricate times after being the victim of many unfriendly proceedings.
Now, as a professional musician, who receives much respect and recognition, the humble and genuine saxmen continues to gain inspiration from his past, previously playing on the streets to performing in sold out auditoriums across the country. Over the years, Ray Silkman has released 5 independent CD’s, such as Ray Silkman Live, Heartbeat, A View of Love, Steppers Serenade, and SoundCheck which includes the hit song “So Saxual.” When Ray is not performing or touring, he is very active in the community partaking in various organizations.
I (Consciousness Magazine) had the opportunity to catch up with Ray Silkman, who is truly a phenomenal musician with a gift, as he shares an astonishing testimony.
Tocarra Eldridge: What inspired you to play the saxophone?
Ray Silkman: Well, when I was 12 years old I actually had a chance to take an extracurricular course in school. My mom asked me what I wanted to take. And I told my mom that I wanted to do something my dad did. I didn’t know my father very well, being that he and my mother were split. So, my mom said my dad played the saxophone when he was in the army. I was inspired by that…to feel a connection with my dad.
TE: You were once homeless; however, you continued to play your saxophone on the streets. What motivated you to keep being persistent at playing your instrument?
RS: I’m a very determined person. My mom always told me ‘Ray you can do anything you put your mind to.’ So, after I had came out here [to Chicago], and got robbed by the same people who brought me here…I had a decision to make. All I had was my horn and the clothes on my back. I had already been on the streets playing, and had been well received on the streets. So, I thought, do I run back home and give up or do I stay and fight it out. I’m some kind of a fighter, so I said I’m going to stay here and do what I can. I was in a hotel at the time and I had to come up with $30 everyday to get that hotel room. Each day I would make enough money to get that hotel room and food. And of course, the more I played, the better I would get. I’d play what people wanted to hear.
TE: How did you overcome the adversities of being homeless and occasionally robbed?
RS: [I had] a lot of determination and a lot of prayer. I grew up in a Pentecostal church as a child, I learned a lot about faith and God. I had to just have faith. It wasn’t always easy; it would get tough. There were times when I felt like giving up, especially when it was cold outside like it is today (laughs)! I would be out there in this kind of weather. I really found inspiration from the people that received me well and enjoyed my music.
TE: Many artist like to be signed to major record companies; however, you are independent and still successful. What are the odds of those musicians hoping for a major record to fall in their lap?
RS: The music business has changed so much over the last 10 years. It seems like underground artist turn into major record deals themselves. Many artists start out on their own and then build an empire. A lot of artist are starting their own companies and jump starting their business and career. I think nowadays the Indy’s are doing well because they have no huge overheads, no big bills to pay. So, they maximize their profits and do the same things as the major companies, but on a smaller scale; however, with the same quality.
TE: What recent or future projects can we look forward to by Mr. Ra - Robinson Publishing

"Guest List ABC 7-Ray Silkman"

December 21, 2011 (RELEASE) (WLS) -- "Desire" is the latest offering from sax man Ray Silkman.

Released on July 15th 2011, the CD has been creating quite a buzz as Ray Silkman wrote, produced, recorded and performed on all of the tracks. Desire is receiving airplay here in the States as well as abroad and has garnered the interest of several internet radio stations. "Desire" is available exclusively at raysilkman.com and can also be purchased at Ray Silkman's live performances.

(BIO) He has been touted one of the best saxmen in the business; regularly performing in sold out auditoriums and festivals in Chicago and across the Midwest. Appearances with The Greatest Of All Time, Muhammad Ali, and repeat performances before tens of thousands at Chicago's United Center, Donald E Stephens Convention Center, and Poplar Creek, Ray Silkman is one of the most sought after and celebrated performers in the Midwest.

Ray has independently released six CDs including THE INCOMPERABLE SOUND CHECK WHICH FEATURES THE HIT SO SAXUAL.. Ray's most recent release, Desire was written, produced, composed and performed by Silkman and is expected to be just as successful as his earlier works. Desire is available exclusively at raysilkman.com and can also be purchased at his live performances.

The energy, the passion, and of course the sound of Ray Silkman's soul pouring through his saxophone is hypnotic to say the least. Like so many, Silkman's beginning was challenging, being robbed and homeless on the streets of Chicago for many months after arriving there, he used the lessons of hard work, determination and faith that his mother instilled in him to overcome adversity and hard times. Believing that a man's gift will make room for him, he persevered and is now living his dream.

Additional information is available upon request. We invite your inquiries to Silkscreen Productions 708.439.8004.

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A View of Love
Soundcheck-Hit SIngle "So Saxual"
Steppers Serenade
Desire-July 2011



Ray Silkman has been touted as one of the best saxmen in the business. Emerging from humble beginnings, Ray Silkman has persevered through the hardest of times to be recognized as a viable force in the music industry. Silkman began playing the saxophone at the age of 12 in an effort to feel a connection with the father that he never knew. His love for the craft inspired him to practice daily and achieve first chair ranking in Middle School and throughout college. Growing up in a struggling household, he found his greatest inspiration to be his mother who told him "you can do anything that you put your mind to". Silkman moved to Chicago shortly after his mother's death only to find himself homeless and alone after being robbed and abandoned by the very persons who brought him there. After spending months on the streets playing in subways and on street corners, he got his first break performing in a fashion show entitled OGGI, interpreted "Live for the day". Other opportunities followed including a principle role in a recurring Chicago HMO commercial. Since those lonely and cold days performing on street corners Ray Silkman has gone on to perform at countless clubs, festivals and special events in and around the Chicagoland area. His many performances have taken place in venues such as Chicago's United Center, Donald E Stevens Convention Center, Poplar Creek and virtually every major jazz club in Chicago over the past 17 years. Ray has independently released 5 CDs including his signature work "Sound Check" which features the hit single "So Saxual". Soundcheck has received national and international acclaim as an epic work producing multiple hit songs which still receive airplay on public and NIC radio stations across the US. Jazz FM in Europe has featured many of Ray's tracks on their evening jazz show and So Saxual still receives major airplay here in the States. Ray Silkman has opened for jazz greats such as David Sanborn, Kenny G, George Benson, Keiko Matsui, Tom Scott and the late great Art Porter. Silkman has performed throughout the country in other venues such as the Detroit Opera House, The Los Angeles Convention Center, Walt Disney's Pleasure Island and at The Hilton Hotel Niagra Falls. He has also received numerous awards and honors including Midwest Magazines Artist of the Year 2005, and the Chicago Jazz Legends Award 2010. Silkman's sound has been described as incomparable by the late great Benny Carter who stated "this young man is sure to go places, I can feel his music". Silkman's signature sound is accented by rich melodic tones and an undeniable command of his instrument. With a style that is fresh and literally on the verge of soaring one can see why the best way to explain it is "the sound of Ray Silkman's soul pouring through his sax". The Sun Times exclaims "Silkman's sound is hypnotic to say the least". As a continuously growing and developing artist Ray Silkman is poised to continue contributing to the world of contemporary jazz and fusion music in a way that is uniquely recognized as definitive and distinct. His latest offering "Desire" has already started quite a buzz as Silkman wrote, produced, composed and performed the majority of the music on the newly released CD. Desire as well as Heartbeat, Stepper's Serenade, SoundCheck and A View of Love are all available on CDbaby and itunes exclusively. For more information about this phenomenal Artist contact Silkscreen Productions, 708-439-8004 or 630-849-5888.