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Ray Star


Ray Star's music is a one of a kind new take on an old sound. Rock styled funk with definitive punk / rock influences. Angus Young/Slash styled guitar, bass with attitude, programmed drums and harmonic vocals. Ray Star's performances are amazing. He puts the Rock back in Rock and Roll Baby!


The 1st pictures of Ray holding a guitar were when he was 2 years old. When he was 4 years old he happened to see the Kink's play a live outdoor concert on TV. At that point in his mind he decided that he wanted to be a Rock Star!

At 7 years old he achieved a degree in the Royal Conservatory of Music. He was the youngest guitarist to ever accomplish this feat in Canada seeing how the tests are based on Piano and he never even played piano.

By the age of 14 years old, he released his first album with his 1st band Lethal Virus on 3 Minute Mile records, and was playing shows in bars on the Vancouver East Side. These were great times in his life seeing how he was underage. The club scene was a great influence on his writing styles seeing how he was exposed to the rougher side of life on the Vancouver East Side. This was when skateboard punk was at its pinacle.

Lethal Virus shared the bill with many Punk Rock Greats in the mid 80's - Dead Kennedys, D.O.A., S.N.F.U., Circle Jerks, etc. When Lethal Virus broke up, he went on to front Big City Groove and release an album. Many say that Big City Grooves sound influenced the sound of Rage Against the Machine seeing how they were heavy rock/punk with rap style lyrics and they were 10 years ahead of Rage's success. The highlight of Big City Groove's career was opening for the Jim Rose Sideshow Circus-what a gong show! After Big City Groove ended, Ray formed Cats Game, one of the most influencial punk bands to come out of Canada. With former members from Lethal Virus and the Vocal rage of Ronsid Fart formerly of the Active Glands, they created a sound that was influencing a generation.

Success grew quickly and they set out on Ray's first major tour. Cats Game had 3 releases on 3 Minute Mile records. Their last album was recorded at Westbeach Studios in LA - Epitaph Record's Studio. Cats Game played with many punk rock heavy weights including SNFU, DOA, BNU, Poison Idea, etc. Cats Game was to set out on their last tour after their release of "File 13" when frontman Ronsid Fart tragically overdosed. Devastated, Ray Star dropped out of the music scene for almost 5 years when he decided to form Superchief - Nefer Records. The success of Superchief skyrocketed at an alarming rate and they toured with many Epitaph and Fat Wreckords recording stars - Lag Wagon, Face to Face, Youth Brigade, Pulley, etc. Their video for the hit single "Hard Way" was on regular rotation on Much Music and they were interviewed by Terry David Mulligan on MuchWest. The album "When I was Young, was had rave reviews from Thrasher, Georgia Straight, Discorder magazines just to name a few. Unfortunately, when the 2nd album was almost complete, artistic differences conquered the band. Again Ray Star dropped out of the music scene for almost 5 years. Thats when he met up with Dave Affleck drummer from the Real McKenzies. He introduced Ray to Ken Burke of Blue Wave Studios. Together they formed the band the Gastown Riots. Dave left the band in 2006 and was replaced by Ray Hartman-former drummer of Annihilator. The album was completed in 2007 and co-produced by Jay Bentley of Bad Religion.

Ray Star has been working on his solo project and wanting to focus more of his talents for film and trying to explore his musical horizons by making different styled music than what he has been familiar with. Hope you enjoy!

Ray Star has a unique sound that doesn't quite sound like anything out in the marketplace today, yet has a flavor of familiarity that makes his music extremely catchy.

He has played in and out of Punk Rock bands for 23 years.

Ray has just become the latest member of "Boxfiller". Check out the new album in January 2008. North American tour starting mid Febuary. Be prepared to be Rocked !!! ***
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You're Dead Last

Written By: Ray Star

You’re Dead Last

Verse 1: Have you taste the future
When you’re full from the past
Shootin’ for first place
In your heart you’re dead last – Ya !

Verse 2: Face the music
They’ve shot to kill
Beaten up ego
You’ve had your fill – Your fill – Ya !

Chorus: Have you taste the future
Have you taste the future
You’re dead last – Ya
You’re Dead Last - Ya

Verse 3: Face the music
They’ve shot to kill
Beaten up ego
You’ve had your fill – Your fill – Ya !

Verse 4: Have you taste the future
Have you taste the future
You’re dead last – Ya !
You’re Dead Last – Ya !

Break Down: Bass – 2 Bars
Guitar/Bass/Have you taste the future (X2)
You’re dead last – Ya (X2)

Verse: Face the music
They’ve shot to kill
Beaten up ego
You’ve had your fill – Your fill – Ya !

*** All Lyrics and Music copyright Ray Star Music 2008


Written By: Ray Star


Verse: You search
The World
To find
That Girl
She hopes
She waits
Her fate

Chorus: Complete her fate
Complete your faith

Verse 2: The dance
The song
What’s right
What’s wrong
Right place
Right time
Can’t see
Love blinds

Chorus: Complete her fate
Complete your faith

*** All lyrics and Music Copyright Ray Star Music 2008 ***

United We Stand

Written By: Ray Star

United We Stand

Intro: George Bush sound byte

Verse 1: Democracy
Middle Eastern
Breakin the Balls
Of the world in recession

Chorus: United we stand
Together we fall
Just whose war is this after all?

Verse 2: War is peace
Ignorance is strength
Freedom is slavery
No need to think
2 minute hate
Eradicate debate
Thought crime
Will be set straight

© Ray Star Music 2008

Full Throttle

Written By: Ray Star

Full Throttle

Verse: Don’t care what others said
From the mind’s of the brain dead

Verse 2: Their ship is sinkin’ quickly
The problem’s in them not me – No_

Chorus: Today’s the day
I make my way
Said now-I’m Full Throttle

And the dreams that you’ve blown
Are your own
Said now-I’m Full Throttle

Stains of Yesterday
They live today
Said now-I’m Full Throttle

The opinions they share
I don’t care
I’m Full Throttle – Ya__

All music and lyrics ©2008 Ray Star Music


Lethal Virus (Released 1985 on 3 Minute Mile Records)
Big City Groove (Released 1991 on 3 Minute Mile Records)
Progressive Youth (1990-Self Released)
Cat's Game (1987-To be Re-Issued on Heart First Records)
Superchief (Released 1997-Nefer Records)
The Gastown Riots (2007-Self Released)

Set List

The set runs approx 35 - 45 minutes.