The Swamp Coalition

The Swamp Coalition

 Jonesboro, Louisiana, USA
BandR&BHip Hop

The Swamp Coalition is a family oriented Music Group that brings Talent, Intelligence, Hardwork, Dedication, and Expertise. Destined for success with just talent alone, but this group of professionals brings much more than talent. They all have testimonies that will surely change alot of lives.


Born & raised in Northeast Louisiana. This group of guys was always musically inclined since the beginnings. Started out admiring artists such as Micheal Jackson. Listening to gospel music. To rise of the hip hop culture. The Swamp Coalition is truly full of musical talents. Growing up in an enviroment of very little oppurtunities. Some found their self in jail/addicts/dealers, but their will to succeed and their testimonies is what bring them all back to dream they always shared..


Title: All For Nothing
Artist(s): Ray-X & Pay$hunce
Label: Blu Swamp Ent

Title: A Song For Larry Cooper
Artist(s): Ray-X & Tracy Mason
Label: Blu Swamp Ent

Title: The Making Of Settledown
Artist(s): Stankey Wank
Label: Blu Swamp Ent
Produced By: Zettie Moore Written By: Coreyan' Malone

All Videos Filmed & Edited By: Coreyan' "RAY-X" Malone
All Songs Recorded @ Blu Swamp Headquarters