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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"GigAmerica/Sony Urban"

"I heard his epk...it sounds great, we'll be in touch." - Promotions

"Kenny Love"

Regarding intro: " I love the intro! I think he did a great job,& I appreciate him helping me out" - Program Director WSBY-FM Magic 98.9

"Bill "the rumpshaker" Baker"

"Other dj's here might use someone else to do intro's for their show, but I use RAYZ because I think he's the best I've heard from these parts" - On Air Personality/ Magic 98.9

"Capitol Imaging Group"

"I listened to the material and to be honest I really enjoyed the tone structure and "I Spit Nice", I believe it has the breakthrough potetial we'd look for in considering new artist" - A&R: Jacob Conners

"Black Rose Productions, Inc"

"He has the potential to be a breakthrough artist in the very near future, many labels should be interested in hearing from this guy". - Darren Rodney, Director of International Publishing

"A & R Staff/Panel"

Very impressive,exceptionally written and executed lyrics, unique flow and presence, good commercial potential, material good clean and marketable. - W3G Entertainment


Singles 2003's: "Let's Ride"(Md's Anthem)
2004: "Hi Hater/Bye Haters"
Radio airplay 2003's: "Spit Nice"
Streaming airplay "Its all over", "Hi Hater/Bye Haters", "Let's Ride"


Feeling a bit camera shy


With standout lyrics like"Believe what I say when I say what I said/ cus my flow so sick I should stay in da bed/but I cant I gota get up cuz da flow makes me nau-tious I'm about to spit up/..." this Brooklyn, N.Y. born Maryland native stand out like the dreads flowing from up under his fitted cap. His influences which include M.O.P, Jay-Z, and Eminem for which he credits his ability to write catchy hooks, deliver and showcase his punchlines as well as perform stand out club songs. After playing hype man for an artist soon to be signed to Trywick/RCA he decided that playing the background for an artist he considered not as nice as he, was not his goal. After writing and performing his song "HUH HUH HA" to a crowd of over 600 people RAYZ "the rapper" was born, although it wasn't until he began writing intro's for radio show dj's that he'd become a household name. Realizing his stronghold on his local area and being called DelMarVa's (DE.MD.Va.) voice of hip-hop for representing an untapped area that houses 100,000+/- dedicated hip hop heads, he was now being told to grab hold of a much wider audience, so to ensure his credibility he performed a few dates on the 2001 Lyricist Lounge Tour which included such acts as Mos Def (Rawkus), The Outsidaz(Rawkus) and Masterfu'ol (Spit Sqood) as well as opening for such acts as Jay-Z and other Roc-a-Fella artist, Keith Murray and Jin of the Ruff Ryders. As he developed his skill the tasks of finding a notable producer was at hand, and as luck and GOD's will would prevail he'd be introduced to a producer who's produced tracks for groups like the Terror Squad and now deceased platinum selling artist Big Pun, as well as platinum selling Grammy nominated artist Fat Joe, and triple platinum selling artist Ole Dirty Bastard of the Wu-Tang Clan and countless others. After banging out tracks and putting together a demo RAYZ quickly began the shopping process. AOL has chosen one of his songs to be featured in its competition called "First Break" in which the winner will recieve a demo deal with Atlantic Records as well as other material from Tonos Inc. He also was chosen to participate in the Dr.Dre ad Ed Lover's competition on SOHH.com in which the winner recieves airplay on their nationally sydicated show.Recently signing a non-exclusive demo deal with Capitol Imaging Group Inc, the CEO Corbin Grimes referred to his music as "having breakthrough material". With the success of the song "Spit Nice" being played over 40 times a month on the college circuit, as well as the melodic "Hi Haters/Bye Haters" recieving major attention he's been gaining more notoriety and exposure. RAYZ has been steadily working on tracks, writing and performing in and around the Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia areas. Using rap as a catapult he hopes to start his own "RAYZ" the Kids Foundation in which he devotes his time to give back to the community speaking to kids about drug and alcohol abuse, AIDS awareness, and teen pregancy. He's looking foward to providing and participating in annual sports programs and doing free concerts to support his community and foundation. With more conscious lyrics like "are we brainwashed by the television got us thinking thats a better living/ raise the children,words of wisdom deep from myself/ so I can leave a piece of myself" with countless label meeting and potential deals beginning to arise this unsigned mc wont be for long. As RAYZ puts it "Its GOD's will, its already done, its just about preparation and timing".