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The best kept secret in music


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The Sample - 2002
Eclipse - 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Rayze was born in Harrisburg aka Gutterville, PA and credits The Hill for his laid back “Passive Aggressive” mentality and assertiveness. These traits are what bring his spit style into existence. Rayze’s style is a mixture of all hip-hop’s elements (song, instrumentation, sharp lyrics, the street and life’s teachings) rolled into one artist. Rayze doesn’t RAP…he provokes emotion.

Rayze, born as Joseph Scott, has been on the music scene since 1994. He started rhyming for fun as a past time during and in-between classes in middle school. Soon it went from fun to a daily ritual. Soon that daily ritual turned into a personal contest, that contest turned into battle ciphers and those battle ciphers turned into creative writing and opened the gate for the love of music that lay dormant in him for so long. “ I always knew I loved music more than most people, I just didn’t know or realize that I was born to do it…until now!”

Throughout Rayze’s musical career he has run into and been to many influential people and places. He went to school with many people like him at Milton Hershey and developed and life-long “family” that urged him on and supported (and continues to support) him throughout the journey. Rayze spent years in Philly going to school for Graphic Arts/Advertising and developing his style, performing at clubs, ciphers and eventually came into contact with a close friend from Delaware who put him in the studio for the first time. From Philly Rayze moved to DC where everything came together. He ran into his musical family just being in the right place at the right time… From there, the rest is history…and from history you get ECLIPSE.

Currently Rayze is living in the DC metro area feverishly working on his next three projects Identity Crisis, R&R and The Sample 2 in the studio with his two label
co-owners while simultaneously working to establish themselves in the industry as a fully independent music label…(actually two), Devine Minds Entertainment and Emerge LLC. Devine Minds is a production foundation for local artists (who actually have talent) to come in, express their talent, grow and develop a professional product free of charge (however not a development agency). Emerge LLC is the label to which Rayze has signed himself and does business through. “Music is fun when you’re not doing business with it” says Rayze as he looks through paperwork finalizing documents for Emerge LLC and the Eclipse album release.

If you know and/or get to know Rayze, you can expect this man of many practices to do whatever he deems necessary at any given time. He refuses to be backed down into any corner or confined to any particular style or sound. Rayze believes that he and many other artists like him can bring hip-hop music back from the “Rap” that it has become to date. Those who know Rayze knows that he is serious, works 22 hours out of a 24 hour day, has a huge heart, actually has talent in many areas aside from music and won’t settle for any less than what he desires. Rayze is the true definition of an Artist.