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"rayzing sons"

Urban. Rock. What the heck is that? Yeah, I know I had a little suspiciousness myself, before I even popped the demo in to listen too it. I know most may be thinking that this is just another "rap metal" band. Or another Limp Bizkit trying to ride of what's left of the "rap metal" bandwagon to get signed to a deal. After listening to there demo, I must say these are some extremely talented group of guys. For one, seeing that this band has the ability to fuse too totally different styles of music (heavy metal and hip-hop), but still make it sound raw, unique and refreshing. So I'd suggest that you listen to this guys.

But anyway, let's move onto the review. Firstly, I was pretty disapointed since there was only 3 tracks. Yes, I understand that this is a demo and that usually demos have 3-5 tracks. But I'd really like to hear some more stuff from this band. Secondly, these guys can write some pretty intense lyrics and inspirational lyrics. I'm a lyrics kind of gal so it's nice to hear something with a message.

The DVD part of the demo was pretty awesome. Since its the first time, I've gotten a demo that included a DVD. But the other half showcased some of the bands accomplishments. For instance, a commerical they did with Florida Citrus Orange Juice. Yeah, this is the band that plays in the commerical when the mom can't get her son out of bed. Also these guys played Warped Tour '03 and Todd TV (Spike channel). Yep, so these guys have been pretty busy. But I'd suggest that if you're wanting to listen to something new, then check these guys out. They kick much ass. - Ashley - the edge underground


"6 to Deal Wit" EP - Selling at shows and Online
"DEAL WIT IT"" - streaming at www.indiebandradio.com
"crunk bounce"- streaming at www.indiebandradio.com
ËVERYTIME""as opening title to Ü.S. Freeskiing open"on SpikeTV, and just recently added to the promo DVD commercials for Universal Pictures' "DOOM".



Six to Deal Wit is no idle boast here. The newly released EP features the showcasing prowess of Rayzing Sons’ six talented members performing six highly-charged songs. It is the Orange County, California-based NFE Records’ cornerstone release for 2006.

Rayzing Sons is comprised of …

Terantz & R.V.: the vocalists and front men of the band and instigators of musical riots ignited on stage
Scott: Electric Guitarist with FX aka Scotsman with the long red mane
Ben: Bass player, the stuntsman, the FNG [f*ckin’ new guy] in the band
Chris: Electric Guitarist and Trick Master aka Keeshan
Aaron: Drummer, accomplished and diverse

Together their music is aggressive yet melodic; street-edge yet raging with soulful distortion. Their performances are full of unabashed energy, while their look, style, and electrifying sound are without rival currently seen on the charts.

One listen to songs such as “Noose,” or the track “Deal Wit It,” or perhaps the band’s collective favorite, “Thievery,” and you will understand the power and range of Rayzing Sons. If you’re still unconvinced, we suggest you take a listen to the hip-hop-inspired “Crunk Bounce,” or “Under The Knife” or “Way of the World” for further proof of the band’s raw energy and potential staying power. Within each of the songs, their lyrics and message cover a myriad of themes from Love-Life-Pain-Fear & Freedom.

The path for Rayzing Sons has been one of patience, tenacity and perseverance. The group came together in 2001, originating when Tearantz and R.V. exited the group Poppy Seeds and hooked up with former Rayzing Sons drummer Armonn—who came up with the group’s existing name. Unknowingly, Armonn and guitarist Chris were neighbors and eventually the latter was brought to the attention of the other members. The group attests that they “stole” Scott from a competing band—and more recently adding bassist Nick Guadagnoli and drummer Aaron Haggerty to the mix. As they say, the rest is history.

Over time, the band has generated quite a buzz for itself performing at numerous clubs on the famous Sunset Strip like The Whiskey, Roxy, The Key Club, and the Viper Room as well as the Gig on the neighboring Melrose stretch. They entered and won their first Battle of the Bands in San Francisco, and repeated that success with another victory from the KROQ Battle of the Bands on the rooftop of the Glendale Galleria near Los Angeles.

Essential to the complete Rayzing Sons experience is witnessing their live performance. They are practically beasts when it comes to the power of the stage. “We’re a performance band hands down,” says R.V. “We thrive in front of audiences, and we live to perform.” Tearantz agrees, “The energy that we bring to the stage is unmatchable. A lot of bands may perform, but they may have gotten stagnant and do only what they think people want to see. We go for what we know on stage and what we want to bring. We also love to incorporate the audience and make them feel they’re getting their money’s worth when they come and see us.”

Other past Rayzing Sons’ highlights include a 10-city East coast tour with Freeze Magazine (2002), national commercial spots for Titleist golf balls, Florida Citrus Orange Juice, and more recently Cox Communications (running in 36 markets, Cox’s 30-second commercial features the band alongside its new animated brand icon, Digital Max. In the spot, Digital Max helps a frustrated dial-up user to quickly download music via Cox High Speed Internet service. The spot’s “ditch the dial-up” message is visually and acoustically punctuated when the band instantly streams into the living room, belting out a heavy rocking song that has consumers from Florida to Arizona asking, “Who’s that Band?” ).

In addition to amassing formidable fan bases in the U.S. and Canada, Rayzing Sons have performed on TV via the Hollywood Hot Mix and Buzzz TV for European MTV, and a performance on Warped Tour. As if that weren’t impressive enough, Rayzing Sons has aligned sponsorships with Monster Energy Drink, No Friends Clothing, and the underground Whiteboy Clothing.

Fans across North America are quickly becoming Rayzing Sons believers finding the band to be a ‘breath of fresh air.’ “No one is doing what we’re out there doing,” states Scott. “In rock, you’re starting to see the racial boundaries being blurred now. Before, you didn’t see blacks and whites together in a rock band. I still haven’t seen a band with our racial mix just yet. And the fan response has been incredible.”

With an integrated band, you also get an array of different backgrounds, outlooks and musical influences. Rayzing Sons has been inspired by a plethora of influences and sounds, from acts like Rage Against the Machine, In Flames, Tomahawk, Kill Switch Engage, Tool, Prince, George Clinton, Sly & the Family Stone, and even a lot of the old Motown music.

As the band releases their EP, Six to Deal Wit, they look forward most to hitting the road and garneri