Blues, rock 'n' roll, swing, with latin, '50's pop, big band jump jazz, classic rock, and "countrified" flavors.


From varied musical backgrounds comes a combined musical effort that hints of blues, swing, and rock ‘n roll, spiced with hints of Latin, 50’s pop, big band jump jazz, and even “countrified” music. It’s a mix of styles that immediately feels familiar, yet comes only from RAZ - It’s American music. RAZ finds a wide range of appeal from younger to older listeners: from blues, rock-a-billy, bee-bop and twist crowds to swing-dance and country crowds. The dance beat is infectious. Humorous, romantic and serious lyrics keep the listener curious.

One original song entitled 'Blue Hair Cruise' was written about a friend's experience on a Carribean cruise ship. She was led to believe her “cruise experience” would be full of swingin’ singles activities. The first sign that all would not be as expected came when she boarded. She saw several coffins being loaded onto the ship. The song tells of her “cruising” experiences, including happy hour with the bartender and a 70 year-old swinger. The tune rocks with a hard driving swing progression and blazing harmonica and guitar solos.

Song lists include RAZ's original tunes intermingled with new and old favorites, such as "Mack the Knife" and "Brown Eyed Girl". All members of RAZ enjoy jammin' together and with their audience. They’re not satisfied unless the audience can’t help but “shake it”.


NEW RELEASE CD - "Feel Real Good", Completed in late summer, 2002. Features the current RAZ lineup playing their unique brand of "Rockin’ Blues" and "Swing-a-Billy". The CD was recorded, mixed and mastered by band member Frank Mastroianna of the M3 Recording and Production Studio.

DEBUT CD - Good Time Mama, 2001. Features original swing grooves.
Jim Primock, Reviewer for the Colorado Blues Society's Hollar, stated the Debut CD was "energetic and danceable" and "should put a smile on your face...there re is an element of humor though out Pedraza's lyrics..."

Set List

Song lists include RAZ's original tunes (over 40 of 'em) intermingled with new and old favorites, such as "Mack the Knife" (Bobby Darin), "Goin' Down Geneva" (Van Morrison), "You Never Can Tell" (Chuck Berry), and"Hi, Hi, Hi", (Paul McCartney).