Razer is five piece rock/metal outfit based in Phoenix, AZ. Bassist Chris Catero, guitarist Paul Sullivan and drummer Eric Bongiorno formed the band out of the ashes of Metal Blade recording act Wardog. Catero, who also serves as a touring bassist in former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman's solo band, recruited longtime friend Jeromy Graves on guitar and steadily worked the Phoenix scene for the past couple of years with Catero reluctantly serving as lead vocalist. Establishing themselves as one of the valley's premier rock/metal acts, the search for the lead singer was a long and exhausting journey until former Shift front man Chris Powers placed an ad online in an L.A.-based site after deciding to move west from NY. The band heard the voice they had wanted, the voice heard the band hed been looking for The newest offering, "Falling In Line", showcases their keen songwriting talent and knack for blending raw, punishing rock with catchy hooks and great vocals. Add in their potent live shows and you've got a band ready to breakout. For additional information, pictures, show dates and music downloads please visit our website at www.razerband.com or http://www.myspace.com/razer


New Album "Falling in Line"

Set List

Bomb Away
Fall From Grace
Super Paun
Falling In Line
Right Kind Of Evil
Never Understand
Cut & Paste
The Answer
Number of the Beast
Sets Last Between 45 to 1 Hour