Raze To Ashes

Raze To Ashes


Raze To Ashes combines various rock, blues, and metal influences for a unique sound with political, social, and cultural commentary.


In January 2004 Campbell Hoffman and Mike Burke joined the band Brendan Mulhern and Tom McManamy had been piecing together over the last couple of years. Each member brought their own tastes and styles to the project and the promise of a unique rock sound was apparent.

Over the next year and a half, the band, then called Endgame, worked hard to blend their styles in a way that would be original. Mulhern’s thick tone and candid writing style, combined with Hoffman’s technically advanced, shredding style yielded songs with rich harmonies and speed metal solos over a rhythmic backbone provided by McManamy’s rock/funk influences and Burke’s solid freestyle drumming.

In July 2005 the band released its self-produced eponymous EP as downloadable tracks on their website. This EP properly showcased their ability to write in different styles, as each song has it’s own pace and theme. Rage, Frustration, Determination, Desire and Hope are all presented in a straight-forward, no-punches-pulled manner that matches the personality of the band.

With the EP released, they then concentrated on winning over fans with energetic and tight live shows. But as the band started to write more, with Hoffman’s original material now included, and Mulhern’s writing maturing, their sound became heavier and subject matter more challenging. The Ideal has now become a focal point of the band’s writing. To reflect this change, and to more accurately describe themselves, the band decided to change their name to Raze To Ashes – to tear down the old world in order to build a new one. Infusing their songs with sudden time, key, and style changes and yet never abandoning their appreciation for simple melody, the band now take on both sides of the world’s partisan politics, demanding accountability in our leaders and responsibility in ourselves. No one is safe from their critical eye; not even themselves as they seriously question a rock band’s ability to make a difference and parody their experiences as a group.

In March 2006, Raze To Ashes re-released their now re-named EP as a professionally pressed record and began to heavily promote themselves . A stunning performance at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA in June 2006, which won over not only the other bands' fans, but the other bands' members as well, helped solidify Raze To Ashes' name in the local scene. In December 2006, the band were accepted to showcase at the 11th annual Millenium Music Conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Raze To Ashes will use this opportunity to broaden their reach outside of New England and begin to establish a national profile.

In March 2007, Raze To Ashes will release their second EP, "Anarchy at the Elks", which will showcase their evolving musicianship and high-energy act. Since the band mixes different styles and tastes and are never opposed to trying new ideas, they have no use for labels. They refer to themselves as a rock band, pure and simple, and hope to market their songs and performances to as wide of an audience as possible.


The EP, released July 2005, remastered March 2006

Set List

Original Songs:

The Seven Seals
My Country, Right or Wrong
Anarchy at the Elks
Red, White, and Blue
The Irony of Us
Everything God Wants
Be the Revolution
Janus Advent
Ashes of Antioch
We Are the Dead
Mourning Star


Hot For Teacher - Van Halen
Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden
Killed By Death - Motorhead
Forclosure of a Dream - Megadeth
Fire Your Guns - AC/DC
Swim - In Flames
It's Gonna Be a Long Night - Ween