Riverside, California, USA

RA(Z)NER is trying to bring something new to Rock, breaking apart from the genres and styles that have slowly shaped music into its dull and passionless form. Every show is a PARTY! When you leave a RA(Z)NER show, they want you to leave with the (Z) brand, wanting more!


This band’s intention since the beginning was to create music that breaks from the usual radio sounds. RA(Z)NER is trying to bring something new to Rock, breaking apart from the genres and styles that have slowly shaped music into its dull and passionless form.

RA(Z)NER music is hard but not metal, it’s gentle but not soft, it’s loud but not noise and its raw but not because of lack of maturity. It stays true to the emotion that stands behind each song and performer. Live shows are where the concept comes alive.

Each song has a personality and is rocking with experience and passion. RA(Z)NER is lead by Matt "Matty-Ice" Kizer a veteran of the Los Angeles / Orange county music scene. He started playing well know venues at a young age and has performed at some of the well known venues from the Whiskey to House of Blues on many occasion in Southern California. Matt’s vocals have been compared to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and his bass playing moves and energetic stage show gives the audience a unique show. Matty Ice fills every audible space with groves and punchy bass riffs, not your everyday bass line.

Corey “COCO” Dawson has played countless shows on the WEST COAST and his talent on the drums has a hypnotic quality, which is a sight to see in live. With love for every beat you will not take your eye off him. His energy and twirling sticks brings him from the back to full view. Coco engages the audience throughout Ra(Z)neRs performance,

Garrett "G-Rock" Nelson, the newest member of RA(Z)NER, comes from the band Kil Butterfly. Garrett has played on many stages across the US and worked with many reputable people in the music business.

“Music is not a gift, it’s a sickness, a curse” - Gibbz Gavin, Kill Butterfly.

Garrett lives by this quote, he believes that if music’s in your heart and in your blood then there is nothing that you can do to stop it. You can’t quit, get fired or give it up because it is part of you, who you are, even when you want a break.
Ra(Z)neR started in the early part of 2007 when its members found each other because they were all looking to form a band that would not settle with sounding good or “making it”.

RA(Z)NER purpose is to set itself apart from the rest, but with pure, rich and fun music. RA(Z)NER stays true to Rock but is not afraid to stir in innovative concepts and sounds constantly.

Their first effort has turned the heads across Southern California. In an art form that has taken the task of bringing back the past, RA(Z)NER shows us the future one song at a time. Their hybrid of “ALL” modern rock gives you all generations of badass, bad boy hits wrapped up in one solid, rock band of the future .

The I.E. Music Scene writes, "The bands sheer proficiently from power balladry to near-metal, and the demo packs the kind of sonic punch you'd associate with million-dollar advances." THATS RA(Z)NER


2009 August- Razner-(Z)
"Promise" is in rotation on these radio stations
x1039 San Bernardino
95.5 San Diego
103.1 Indie Rock

Set List

The following is our 45-50min set
In too Deep
STR8 UP (Paula Abdul Cover)
Carry on
Killing me
Think Twice


We do over 25 Covers from HARD ROCK to HIP HOP ROCK