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Razor Cunts

Neukölln, Berlin, Germany | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Neukölln, Berlin, Germany | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Rock Punk




"Video des Tages: "Attention Span" von Razor Cunts"

Seit über zwei Jahren gibt es in Berlin den UkeBoogie, eine Open Stage für alles außer Gitarren. In seinem Dunstkreis wurden in dieser Zeit diverse großartige Projekte geboren wie Sticky Biscuits, Neno & the jule thief und We're Only Made Of Snow. Der Berliner Boogie hat mit seinen zahlreichen Kollaborationen und der Spontanität etwas von der New Yorker Anti-Folk-Szene in ihren Anfangstagen, und das ist sehr schön mit anzuschauen. Seit kurzer Zeit gehört auch eine Band mit dem schönen Namen Razor Cunts zum Kanon der Bands aus diesem Umfeld. Und es ist geboten sie sich dringend anzuschauen.
Jane Flett und Ambika Thompson sind ein Cello-Duo, das nicht klingt wie ein Cello-Duo. Die Konzerte sind nicht sehr lang, aber dafür umso energiegeladener. Seit kurzem gibt es dieses wohl von George Lucas gedrehte Video zu 'Attention Span', sowie das für sehr zart besaitete Gemüter eher nicht empfehlenswerte 'Violent Violent'.

Auf Bandcamp ist die dazugehörige EP (dieser Trend zur EP bei kleinen hörenswerten Bandprojekten hängt vielleicht doch nicht nur mit dem Budget, sondern auch mit dem im Video besungenen Problem zusammen) namens Chickmeat anzuhören und für einen sehr kleinen Betrag digital zu erwerben. - Tante Pop

"Chewing on Chickmeat!"

I’m inspired. It’s time for a glowing review of Chickmeat, the debut EP of Razor Cunts. This riot girl punk band popped up out of nowhere just about overnight, and they are freaking on fire right now. A femme fatale duo with furiously grinding cellos and thumping drum beats, Razor Cunts are the Rasputina of punk!

Razor Cunts are also two incredible ladies, passionate poetess Jane Flett and ex-Anna Thompson Ambika Thompson. They radiate phosphorescent energy, not only but absolutely in their sound. Established just a few months ago, Razor Cunts have already knocked socks off at dozens of concerts, created sexy merch and promo photos, and put out two glorious music videos with collaborator Tom Moore, and I even heard they are going to open for Judas Priest…(not yet confirmed).

They also just dropped a killer EP, which I am listening to right now!! I’m chewing on the chickmeat, and it’s TASTY!!!

These songs were created with urgency, improvisation and, let’s face it, probably some degree of drunkenness. They start things off with an angry ode to menstruation, Violent Violet:

“I wanna replace my reproduction system
and replace them with another pair of lungs
so I can be a smoker for the rest of my life
and no babies are gonna come out of me”

No No No No (No No No No) is just about as defiant as it gets, and the slow jam Bad Love proves that sometimes two well placed tambourine shakes is all the percussion you need. With irreverent Jesus Christ-themed lyrics and screaming delivery, Jesus Christ on a Bat has the absurdist flavor of King Missile.

My favorite song is Attention Span, which strikes me as the most intense and raw. It’s also somehow the most straight-up punk-sounding track while simultaneously smacking of noisy, spooky future pop, as supported by their spacey music vid…

YES! Conjugate that verb!! I recommend listening to this song. Loudly. Ugh, it makes me want to bite somebody’s face off…any takers?

Now I’ve commented on every track except for Gayrider…just have a listen. I think you’ll agree, it speaks for itself.

I can’t wait to see these beautiful cunts at the Fort Gorgast Festival this summer! By the way, I used to have issues with “the C word”, but I’m over it now, thanks to this band.

If you want to follow their every move, the band name is spelled “Razor Kunts” on Facebook. - Leslie Suzanne Dean


Still working on that hot first release.



Recipe: Add The Raincoats, Lydia Lunch, Miranda July, Bikini Kill, Yoko Ono, X Ray Spex, ESG and Mary Poppins and mix in a blender for roughly 25-30 years. Then spice with cellos and stripes and dirty words and drums and distortion and love.

Voila! You've been Razor Cunted.

Starring Jane Flett and Ambika Thompson

Razor Cunts are a two-piece riot grrl punk band, starring Ambika Thompson (cello, drums, vocals) and Jane Flett (cello, tambourine, vocals). Their debut EP Chickmeat is out now, with songs about menstruation, Jupiter’s moons, and making out with Frida Kahlo. When they’re not making distorted noises come out of classical instruments, Jane and Ambika like to write award-winning stories, host queer events, and film music videos in children’s playgrounds. Ambika used to be in the Anna Thompsons and Jane used to be in Fueldiva, but now that they’ve found their kindred cello spirits, everything is better, and they’ve vowed only to play in all-cello bands from now on.

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