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Opa Locka, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Opa Locka, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo R&B Soul




"Hiphop.org Feature"

The Time has come... Razor returns with the release of his latest smash hits "No Liva" & "Snapper", a 14 date tour and, the upcoming mix-tape "Mr. M-I-A (Reloaded)-The Streetz Iz Mine.

The new mix-tape "Mr. M-I-A (Reloaded)-The Streetz Iz Mine" includes exclusive features from Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Akon, Shawnna, B.G., Paul Wall, Nate Dogg and so many more.

The tour is scheduled to kick off Sept. 1, 2010 and Razor is scheduled to visit Memphis,TN, Columbus, GA, Jackson, MS, Tallahassee, FL, and Orangeburg, SC, just to name a few.

So once again the year belongs to Razor, with other scheduled releases coming soon including Razor’s “Mr. M-I-A (Truth Be Told)”, the HustleLine Entertainment compilation’s “Da Line-Up II” & “Who Got Next”, all of which will be produced exclusively by Razor.
- Owl of Hiphop.org

"Razor Featured In Ozone Magazine!"

Ozone Magazine does Razor & DJ Soulless a solid with this article in the Superbowl edition. Highlights of the article include Hustleline's latest singles from Razor, Cannon, and Rena including "Holla", "Hit Her Up", & "Needy"! The article also touches on the latest mix-tape movement "Vendetta Mix-tapes", headed by DJ Soulless the official Hustleline DJ. The year looks bright for both Da Line-Up and the Vendetta DJ's! - Julia Beverly


These days it seems that a new emcee appears on the scene via Myspace or Facebook everyday. But of these Internet emcees only a few really have what it takes to hustle themselves and their craft to the top. My next guest is an emcee, a CEO, and an all around hustler. Coming out of Miami is my next guest, Razor. I caught wind of him from his new single & video, “Holla.” Once I finally got a hold of him I was even more impressed to learn how much more he’s got going on. Join Stoli as we talk with Razor about his company HustleLine Ent, his non-stop grind, other succesful Miami emcees, and so much more! - Skope Staff

"RAZOR: AKA MR. M-I-A...Krank It Up Exclusive Interview!"

Krank It Up magazine get's down & dirty with Razor in an exclusive interview as they talk about the his collaborations with Rick Ross, Shawnna, Akon, and more - KIM of Krank It Up Mag

"Razor: Mr. M.I.A [Reloaded] The Street Is Mine - Review"

Razor recently dropped his sophmore mixtape titled "Mr. M.I.A [Reloaded] The Streets Is Mine" hosted by Dj Soulless. This second installment of Razor's mixtape series includes the hit singles "No Liva" and "Snapper". The album has exclusive features from Rick Ross, Paul Wall
, Nate Dogg, Shawnna, Akon, and Young Jeezy. Razor brings a different voice to the streets.

This album dipicts everyday struggles and life of a trapstar with songs like "Trap Award", "Been Bout It" and "I Live Dis" featuring Paul Wall. Then it switches gears and slows down a bit with tracks like "Have A Seat" featuring Athena Storm, "Shawty Got Sum'n" featuring Cannon and "For U" featuring Rick Ross and Shawnna. This album has a little bit of something for everybody, from heavy hitting club music, to hood music, then to the ever popular feel good R&B kinda vibe. Check out the tracklist below and download now!!! - India for 24Hourhiphop.com

"Razor Exclusive Interview"


"Streetz Iz Mine (Review)"

If you are looking for a new beat with strong ties back to old-school hip hop roots, consider Mr. M-I-A’s Reloaded (The Streetz Iz Mine) by Razor. The 28-track mix-tape offers a comprehensive throwback into the history of hip hop while providing a look into the continuous, futuristic innovation of the hip hop sound. The album works both as a holistic, continuous work and as individual tracks.

While no individual track on the mix-tape is longer than four minutes. The shorter length tracks provide considerable variety within the mix-tape and flow seamlessly into each other. It’s a cool bit of play by Razor – combining the storytelling capabilities of a seasoned artist. Mr. M-I-A’s Reloaded is also broken up by the insertion of several “mini-tracks” lasting no longer than two minutes; while these are not part of the musical album per se, they act as transition pieces between the different parts of the mix-tape.

A keen listener will be able to hear the slight variations on beat and theme that different parts of the mix-tape contain; the “mini-tracks” act as bridges to effectively guide the listener through the many parts of the mix-tape. For a seasoned hip-hop listener looking to hear something new with a strong throwback to old roots, giving Razor’s new mix-tape a chance would definitely be an excellent choice.

From what we’ve listened to, Razor is one of the new up-and-coming hip hop artists from the Sunshine state, so be sure to cop (The Streetz Iz Mine) digital download for free while you still can! We have no doubts that you’ll be seeing his material on the shelves of record stores in no time. - Written by Owl for Hiphop.org


Click Link To Listen! - Lobo for Abunchathugs.com

"Razor: Mr. M-I-A (Reloaded)- The Streetz Iz Mine"

Drugs, money, and sex...common ground for most southern rappers these days right? So I guess the determining factor for originality is how well an artist can present the same drugs, money, and sex the last artist rapped about and still captivate the listener. That being said Mr. M-I-A (Reloaded) - The Streetz Iz Mine is definitely amongst the highest ranking classic street albums/mix-tapes. - Target Audience Magazine

"Razor Features Rick Ross, Paul Wall & Young Jeezy!"

Razor just dropped his new mixtape Mr. M.i.A. - The Streetz Is Mine, you may have not heard of Razor before but he's got some nice tracks on that mixtape including the ones below which feature Rick Ross, Paul Wall, Shawnna, Akon & Young Jeezy. - Down-south.com

"Music Up-Close With Janie - (Razor's Debut Mixtape Release!)"

Right over at this big table is our New York delegation. Hello, Razor, baby. Congrats on the release of your debut mixtape, Mr. M-I-A, with those great hits “Feelin’ Myself” and “Holla.” The music videos for those two cuts have generated over 200,00 views on both Vladtv.com and Myspace.com. But, you know, baby, I really like “For U” with Shawnna & Rick Ross. This is Razor’s fifth release. And, he’s a producer, too, bringing us some hot new talent.
- Skope Mag

"RAZOR: Mr. M.I.A. Review"

The Florida rap scene has emerged as one of the preeminent scenes for hip hop over the past year. Rap artist Razor is one of the new rappers on the scene looking to make his mark with the release of his fresh mixtape Mr. M-I-A.

“Holla" is sure to get the girls on the dance floor in the clubs with its slow/fast tempos. “For U" has the hard bass that Florida is known for and just listening to it one can picture cruising around Miami on a warm spring night getting ready to pick a woman up for a night on the town. On this track, Razor shows he has back up from the heavyweight as Ross spits a line at the end of the song. “Rock Music" may sound a little misleading as the song is not exactly a rock song but it is certainly something to rock too. The song dabbles in the new trend to take over rap the introduction of electronics to make a mysterious rap meets futuristic sound. Razor pulls it off pretty well and the song is another strong track from him.

“Feeling Myself" is really the only clichéd track on the whole album due to the overt references to swag. Although swag songs are a dime a dozen these days, one supposes that every rapper is entitled to at least one swag song. Still, this song does not take away anything from this up and coming artist and it will not be long before Razor will reach the pinnacle of the rap world. - Target Audience Magazine

"Mr. M-I-A is a growing force in the hip-hop world and that force is one to be reckoned with."

Mr. M-I-A is a growing force in the hip-hop world and that force is one to be reckoned with.

Contemporary lyrics delivered with machine-gun precision and backed by both creative and innovative music, this album is one that every rap/hip-hop enthusiast should have in his/her collection.

Spanning the spectrum from straight-up gangsta to old-skool to modern East/West hip-hop, Razor is almost a chronology of how hip-hop has progressed and blossomed into the viable music style of modern and future times.

Tracks on this album feature some of the giants in the genre (Akon, Young Jeezy, Shawnna, Rick Ross) and serves as a showcase for new talent as well. I know running isn't a good idea some times and seldom looks cool, but I strongly suggest you run to the nearest record store and purchase this album.
- EvO:R Indie Reviews

"Razor aka Mr. M-I-A Mixtape"

With high expectations for this mixtape, Razor aka Mr. M-I-A does not disappoint. Perhaps the most commercially viable mixtape in his catalog, if not the most mainstream-ready mixtape out of M.I.A in years. With featured artist such as Rick Ross, Akon, Young jeezy, Ish Jones, & more he delivers on this one! By far one of the hottest mixtape releases this summer, along the side of Dj Vlad Razor is hungry and eating away at the mixtape circuit!Hardcore lyrics, and catchy hooks that fit the tone of
the content, razor is ositioning
himself to shut down the competition. Go grab the mixtape for yourself!

dj soulless - DJ Soulless


Razorburn LP - 1999
Razorblade LP - 2000
Catastrophe - 2002
M-I-A (Single) - 2008
Mr. M-I-A (Mix-tape) - 2009
Mr. M-I-A (Reloaded) - The Streetz Iz Mine - 2010
Mr. M-I-A 2.5 (Mailed From A State Correctional Institution) - 2012



Razor, is an Urban/R&B artist and producer from Miami, FL. He has
been grooming himself as an artist since his first solo recording at the
age of 12.  As a producer, Razor has quite an impressive resume producing tracks for
both local up-and-coming artists as well as some of the industry’s
hottest names including Ice Berg, AJ, DJ Rhymer, Trigga, Rick Ross,
Brisco, Gunplay, & Freeway. He has also scored for the Movie
Percentage for Flava unit.  Razor is set to release his installment of the Mr. M-I-A series, The
A.S.A.S.N. E.P, in 2016 leading with the R&B single -struggle
conscious song,  “Ghetto Part II.” Razor continues to push his music and his
story in the streets of Miami, tirelessly working to represent his city
in the hip-hop game by putting together projects such as Re-New the
streets. His drive combined with talent, creativity, authenticity and an
incomparable sound make him an artist to watch. Razor is definitely
what’s next!

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