melodic thrash metal from chicago here to kick your ass and leave you breathless!!!!!!!!!!!


Rzorblade Smile formed in late 2003 from the remains of Lethal Injection and The Panic Chamber.
After ROB SUTTNER (lead guitar, ex-lethal injection member) and MARK SUTTNER ( drums, ex-lethal injection member) met TOM BELLINO (guitar) and ELLIOT MOSER (bass) they left Lethal injection to join an unnammed band. Elliot Moser and TOM BELLINO were in The Panic Chamber with Nick Shnieder, and omar gonzalez that band broke up because of musical differences. after two weeks of jammin and writing they decided to name the band RAZORBLADE SMILE. Then they got Dan Magnusson long time friend of Elliot Moser to do vocals at the bands first show. They currently have two demos out and are looking for a place to record thier self tittled debut. Some of their influences are 80's metallica, megadeth,pantera,into eternity, dimmu borgir, hendrix, kansas, malmsteen, satriani, paul gilbert,billy sheen.


self tittled and panic chamber demos

Set List

we have enough material to play for about an hour and a half