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Raz Simone

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Raz Simone was a poet and spoken word artist long before he started putting his rhymes over beats. His background in music, instrumentation and "thought to page" mentality serves as the foundation for a sound that resonates with many different kinds of people.


Raz Simone is a hip-hop artist from Seattle, Washington. His music has been sculpted by his diverse life and his words stem directly from things happening around him. He values having different instruments recorded on his tracks, as well as playing at his live shows.

From a young age, Raz has been surrounded by art and music. Although his come up in music was not ordinary of someone in the hip-hop game. His mom was an oil painter and he sang in church as a child. Raz’s initial musical influences didn’t contain hip-hop…he didn’t even hear a 2Pac song until sixth grade.

Poetry was Raz’s original glimpse into writing rhymes. After writing for school and attending poetry slams, he started putting his words to music scores and eventually beats. After signing to a label, leaving a label, starting a band, taking a hiatus from music and having a “real” job and then traveling, Raz came back to Seattle.

Raz then released music videos for a few songs, including ‘They’ll Speak,’ which has gained attention from NPR, as well as the well known hip-hop group Atmosphere.

In the past year, Raz has been working with his collaborative partner Sam Lachow to create a five track EP called ‘5 Good Reasons.’ From there came music videos for each track, directed by talented videographers of Seattle.

Currently, Sam & Raz are embarking on a national tour with the group Wax Tailor. Raz is working on his double-EPs, ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ & ‘Solomon Samuel Simone.’ He recently released the track ‘Cold’ with a video that has been viewed almost 10,000 times in its first week.


-Cognitive Dissonance (2013)
-Solomon Samuel Simone (2013)

Collaborative EPs:
-Sam Lachow & Raz Simone - '5 Good Reasons' (2012)