Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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I would say go to "itsfreecandy.com" for a good idea of our musical "style". We've been working on developing a quality in our music that has been honed through "classic" training. Now both at the fresh age of 20 we are preparing to hit the world with Free Candy 3. We won't stop, because we can't !


RAZU. Born Mike Jones (father and mother’s names: UNKNOWN) of Beaumont, TX. His mother gave him up for adoption, for reasons unspecified (though suspected to be drug related). There are no death certificates for either parent, but it is assumed that both parents are deceased as of (1996). Adopted by his mothers “Julia & Theresa”, he grew up privileged under an Irish Catholic household in one of America’s safe havens known as Brookline, MA. Notable Residents include John F. Kennedy and Conan O’Brian.
Here, he was given the government name: William ‘Michael’ Kinsella. Involved early with music by 5 years old.

Sang in the “PALS” program in the choir with acts such as Yo-Yo Ma, Nathan Lane, and Celine Dion.

Developed music with Mythical Entertainment in New York City, NY as a youngster (1998-2005).

Met up with Dante Castro and agreed to funnel their efforts into the Free Candy that cooks up deep in the depths of Allston (2004-Present).

Current: FOCUSED on the release of "It's Free Candy: Volume 3" as well as "Bite Size" the preview to Candy 3.


It's Free Candy: Volume One,
Thoughts on me You've Pre-Conceived,
It's Free Candy: Volume Two,
RAZU presents: Bite Size,

Set List

Typical set list is three or four songs from each volume of free candy plus always two or three new tracks. Set time is usually 30-45 minutes.