Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 1994 | SELF | AFM

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 1994
Duo Folk Children's Music




"English Reviews, followed by French reviews"

Commentaires en anglais, suivi par commentaires en français -

"Review #1"

“Witty and substantial songs with an irresistible catchiness. The intense combination of inspired whimsy, pure silliness, traditional tunes delivered by strong musicianship and warmth of personality make Razzmatazz For Kids a superior example of a limited genre. . . . Sandy Greenberg sings, plays guitar, and writes songs for Razzmatazz. “ . . her sense of genuineness . . . really connects with the listener. Her Joan Baez-like alto has an impressive, expressive range; her acoustic guitar style is clear and consistent." Ron Foley MacDonald, The Daily News - Ron Foley MacDonald, The Daily News, N.S.

"Review #2"

Thomas Cormier (T.C.) is the front man of the group--a singer, songwriter, and comedian. “Flinging his spidery legs in all directions, Razzmatazz’s Thomas Cormier (“T.C.”) looks like a dangerously out-of-control jumping jack. The kids . . . loved him.” Stephen Pedersen, The Halifax Herald - Stephen Pedersen, The Halifax Herald

"Review #3"

Well you certainly know how to engage an audience-WOW! Your show was fantastic. After two songs I saw the kids really starting to come out of their shell and boogie up a storm. It was great to see the kids interact with you and shout out the most comical things. I think the end performance where all the kids shuffled along as a train was definitely the highlight of the show. Everyone who attended had a great time...

I want to congratulate you on creating a truly bilingual performance. In New Brunswick it is often a challenge to meet the expectations of the francophone community and you did it! All the francophones were pleased with the quality and quantity of french. You made the interactions of the two languages seamless and no one was left behind not understanding or having excessive repetition.

As the Concert Director of the fredkid FAIR you were a gem to work with. You were professional, had great ideas for promotion, and really came through on understanding what the needs of our community and show were. I would work again with you in a heart beat. Nancy Macdonald, fredkid Fair, Fredericton, NB - Nancy Macdonald, fredkid Fair, Fredericton, NB

"Review #4"

“A delightful, meaningful, truly excellent performance . . . The singing, instrumental playing, dancing, and stories were all of the highest calibre and truly impressive all around. The entire audience was fully engaged from the first note to the last, and a rollicking good time was had by all. The performers imparted their messages of acceptance, inclusion, taking risks, trying hard, and many other important lessons for students to learn, in wonderful, entertaining ways.” Amanda Carol Cantrell, Music Teacher at Carrboro Elementary School, Carrboro, North Carolina - Amanda Carol Cantrell, Music Teacher at Carrboro Elementary, Carrboro, North Carolina.

"Review #5"

“Their performance is a gift. Everyone in the audience takes part in the non-stop, delightfully fun, foot-stomping, hand-clapping, everything gesturing, show. The children sang and giggled through the hour-long performance and reluctantly waved good-bye when all was ‘sang’ and done. Aren’t we lucky to have such a tremendously talented children’s musical group on our doorstep.” Parents'n'Kids Magazine - Parents'n'Kids Magazine

"Review #6"

WOW!! Amazing!! The First Performance that truly engaged and entertained the students for the entire time!! Great lessons, fantastic music. The students were captivated, entertained, engaged and enlightened. They wanted MORE Razzmatazz!! Mary E. McCarthy, Teacher and Fine Arts Liaison, Lower Lincoln Elementary, New Brunswick - Mary E. McCarthy, Teacher and Fine Arts Liaison, Lower Lincoln Elementary, N.B.

"Review #7"

“Children, parents, and teachers alike expressed great enthusiasm for Razzmatazz after the show and sent many favourable comments to the NBAC office. I would not hesitate to recommend Razzmatazz for any Young Audience, family or school show.” Nancy Schell, Executive Director, Performing Arts NB - Nancy Schell, Executive Director, Performing Arts NB

"Review #8"

"From "Hava Nagila" to "Savez-vous planter les choux? to "I Like Funny Noises," this husband-and-wife duo, Razzmatazz for Kids, cover all ethnic bases in a whimsical, musical style. Rich vocals and inventive arrangements make this album a winner." Susan Devins, Owl Canadian Family - Susan Devins, Owl Canadian Family

"Review #9"

" . . . a disc of zippy and fun music that younsters can play repeatedly without driving their parents nuts in the process . . . Parents will appreciate the level of quality in the recording. Instead of simply relying on synthesizers, like some kids' records I've heard, most of the music is organic . . . The extra time and expense was worth it; For Kids is a record that should last for the next few generations of young music lovers." Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle-Herald, The Mail-Star - Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle-Herald, The Mail-Star, N.S.

"Commentaire #1"

« Nous avons eu la chance de recevoir le duo Razzmatazz dans notre école... Les 9 classes d'immersion de français ont eu droit à la version 100% francophone du spectacle et les 9 classes d'immersion d'espagnol ont assisté à la version bilingue franco/anglaise!
Résultat: tous les élèves et les enseignants ont été enchantés! C'est un spectacle vivant, drôle, entraînant!

Nous espérons accueillir à nouveau les Razzmatazz lors de leur prochain passage en Louisiane! Merci! » - Jean-Baptiste Chambard, International School of Louisiana

"Commentaire #2"

« Les élèves vous adorent! » - Brian Marchand, Directeur, École des Beaux-Marais, Porter's Lake, N.-É.

"Commentaire #3"

«Les éleves et les professeurs ont bien aimé vos chansons, vos blagues, vos costumes, votre bonne humeur et le bon français. Les élèves d’immersion et de core French ont pu
participer joyeusement ensemble.» - Les élèves et les professeurs de l’école Grosvenor-Wentworth Park, Halifax, N.-É.

"Commentaire #4"

«La prestation du groupe fut grandement apprécié par une salle remplie de jeunes, parents et grand-parents. Le groupe a très bien fait pour impliquer les enfants dans le spectacle et sur la scène. Ce fut un spectacle plein d'énergie et de bonheur.» - Daniel LeBlanc, Directeur artistique, Festival acadien de Clare, N.-É.

"Commentaire #5"

« Vous avez eu nos enfants pour une heure. C'était extraordinaire! » - Lousie Gaudet, enseignante, École Beaubassin, Halifax, N.-É.

"Commentaire #6"

« Permettez-moi de vous féliciter pour l’excellent spectacle que votre groupe Razzmatazz a présenté à l’école Beaufort la semaine dernière. Je dois dire que l’auditoire était émerveillé par votre énergie et la très grande qualité de votre programme. Le choix du matériel présenté ainsi que le positivisme que vous dégagez dans votre presentation est à encourager.» - Ronald Bourgeois, Coordonnateur, Conseil culturel acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse

"Commentaire #7"

« Le spectacle était extrêmement bien fait et les enfants des classes d’immersion étaient très contents! » - Charlene LeBlanc, Principal, Cecilia Primary School, Cecilia, Louisiane

"Commentaire #8"

«L’abilité du groupe de faire participer les élèves ainsi que le personnel était excellent. Les chansons ont été bien choisies et appropriées pour ces groupes d’âge. Je recommanderais ce groupe pour ceux qui seraient intéresser de le recevoir et dans le futur si nous avons la chance à les revoir à Pomquet je serais prête à les acceuiller. Merci pour un excellent spectacle! » - Joan Delorey, Directrice, École Pomquet, N.-É.



Most songs in English with some in French and Hebrew

Two songs from this CD were synchronized for TV shows: 

         Sesame Street  ("Going to My Grandma's")  

         Prairie Berry Pie ("I Like Funny Noises")

East Coast Music Awards - Nomination

Parents' Choice Award - "Recommended"

Canadian Children's Book Centre - "Our Choice"


Most songs in English with some in French, Yiddish and Hebrew

East Coast Music Awards - Winner, "Children's Artist of the Year" 

Music Industry of Nova Scotia - Winner, "Children's Recording of the Year"

Canadian Independent Music Awards - Nomination

Canadian Children's Book Centre - "Our Choice"


All songs in French 

Music Nova Scotia Award - "Children's Artist of the Year"


DANCING KITES: Grammas to Ambuyas ("If I Had Had a Rainbow") This CD is a fundraiser for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

SONGS FOR LITTLE PRINCESSES: Casablanca Kids ("Sleeping Over")

SONGS FOR LITTLE BOYS: Casablanca Kids ("Chugga Choo Choo")

EXERCISE PARTY: Casablanca Kids ("The Crazy Shakedown")

SMILE SONGS: Canadian Independent Record Production Association ("Going to My Grandma's")




Razzmatazz for Kids, the bilingual, award-winning musical duo, enthralls and delights children at special events and elementary schools with their concerts in English and/or French.  Razzmatazz has performed across Canada, including with Symphony Nova Scotia, and in parts of the USA, UK, and France. Sesame Street produced a video of their song, "Going to my Grandma's".


Clap your hands, bump up and down, do the twist, be a chicken, laugh, drive a bus, go to visit Grandma, and be part of a train as you join Razzmatazz in their musical adventures.


Dramatic and comedic stories introduce lively original and traditional music, with students singing, clapping their hands and performing on stage with Razzmatazz.

1)  Multi-Lingual Concert (songs in English, French and Hebrew, with English interactions).  This concert addresses the curriculum for Music, Social Studies, English and French, and reinforces lessons in heritage, inclusion, diversity and perseverance. 

2)  French or Bilingual Concert (songs in French with French and/or English  interactions). This concert for French Immersion or francophone audiences is extremely interactive, easy to follow for students learning French, and highlights and celebrates Thomas' Acadian heritage.  


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