RB Funkestra

RB Funkestra


Austrian-British Disco/Jazz/Funk for people who don’t particularly like the cheese of ‘The Sound of Music’ but prefer upbeat Jazz Funk from London, Great Britain.


With four records under their belt and a regular gig at the prestigious '606 Jazz Club' in London, the band is known for their audience exiting and high energy performances. They have also played and recorded with funk legends like Fred Wesley, Stephen 'Doc' Kupka from Tower of Power and Stanton Moore from Galactic.

Here some background:

The RB Funkestra are one American, one English, one Israeli and one German of Indian origin, under the leadership of an Austrian delivering high energy Jazz Funk. Their unique blend of Funk, Disco and Jazz is stewed-up in their chosen hometown, London/Great Britain.

The credo of the quintet is to infect people with their grooves and musical pearls. Wild dancing and waving arms in the air is more than welcome!

In the words of George Martin: "Rhythm and tempo set the mood of music more tellingly than anything else, and if you get it wrong all the other rights won't make up for it."

Oh yes! Stefan really believes this one. Although happily being a bassist and MD for other bands, his heart really beats for his Funkestra. After three studio records Stefan is ready to record his fourth album for which he will record the band live in the studio to capture the magic of their grooves, tunes and arrangements.

During the course of his studio productions Stefan has recorded funk legends such as Fred Wesley (trombone), Doc Kupka (bari saxophone) and trumpeter Lee Thornburg (Tower of Power) as well as the horn section from Incognito and guitar legend Elliott Randall, but nothing beats seeing the Funkestra live in full flight.

It is almost traditional for the Funkestra to invite special guests to their shows. In the past it has been electrifying to play with musicians like drummer Stanton Moore (Galactic), guitarist Elliott Randall (Steely Dan), vocalist Wayne Hernandez and Brendan Reilly, pianists Gwilym Simcock and even other bassists like Janek Gwizdala.

Stefan’s music is deeply dedicated to Funk and he also loves Jazz, the vibrant, accessible and infectious type of jazz to which people can dance, have noisy conversations and generally have a jolly time without it ever becoming too serious and introspective.


Music To Swing Your Handbag To

Written By: Stefan Redtenbacher


Juggernaut Blondes

Written By: Stefan Redtenbacher



'Boozing Wizards' (1996), 'Falling from Insanity' (2006), 'Hausmusik' (2008). 'Concubine Chronicles' (2009). Listen to medleys of these records at www.myspace.com/rbfunkestra

Set List

We normally do two sets of 55 minutes. Depending on the venue we will either play two sets of original instrumental music or one set instrumentals and the second set with a vocalist, a mixture of original music and covers.
Typical covers are Donny Hathaway, Prince, Rufus, Neville Brothers, Ohio Players and similar.