R.B. Gunn

R.B. Gunn


R.B. Gunn is a great party/dance band!!! We play a wide variety of music--the best of classic rock,funk,r&b,swing,blues,southern rock & soul. We even have an acoustic set for those quiet times. R.B. Gunn is perfect for clubs, corporate events and private parties. R.B. Gunn-always fun!


WHO WE ARE/WHAT WE DO:The five members of R.B. Gunn are multi-instrumentalist's. we can change from dual-lead guitar style southern rock to swing band w/ horn section in the blink of an eye. We do great renditions of Jethro Tull & Marshall Tucker Band, featuring Steve Shea on fute and vocals. we have latin percusiion breaks & funk jams for your dancing pleasure. And everyone sings lead and backup vocals!!! THE LEGEND OF R.B. GUNN:The band was originally formed in the early 90's as Hue Jazz. After many years, gigs and line up changes-the name was changed to R.B. Gunn. Original members Ted Neira & Steve Shea teamed up with Bill Francis & Glenn Alexander in November 2004. Jim Papa joined up in late 2007,expanding the sound even further. Our influences are wide and varied and our total combined years of musical experience-- about 175 years.

Set List

we typically play 3 or 4 sets @ 40-45 min. per set. we have a very large repertoire , so we change our show to fit the gig. if we're @ a "biker" gig, we play lots of Allman Bros., Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lynyrd Skynyrd & blues. If we're @ a corporate event we play lots of Steely Dan, Average White Band, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy & Funk. We play acoustic as well. featuring- Foo Fighters,America,The Beatles,E.L.P,Red Hot Chili Peppers and more.----a list of SOME of the artrists we cover---Allmans,Jethro Tull,Santana,SRV,John Mayer,Johnny Lang,Jimi Hendrix,Steely Dan,Dr. John,Sly & The Family Stone,James Brown,The Eagles,Van Morrison,Ray Charles,Little Feat,Cream,Big Bad Voodoo Daddy,Cherry Poppin' Daddies,Marshall Tucker,Rolling Stones,Aerosmith,Elvin Bishop,Stray Cats,Z.Z. Top,Robert Cray,Bill Withers,The Smithereens,Lynyrd Skynyrd,AWB,ELP,Foo Fighters,America,The Doors,The Romantics,The Doobie Bros.,The Beatles,Stevie Wonder,War.................