West Coast. Not the average. Brothers. Not just for self. We make hits. That's why we are "R.B.I.". Runs batted in. Rhymes, Beats, Influence. Reality Beats Insanity. Raised in Long Beach, made footprints only on the West. It lives inside. It grows, they become fond, We Continue...


W.E.S.T. and G.-BOY make up the freshest rap group to emerge from the West Coast since Chuck Taylors and Khaki's with all due respect. Straight out of Long Beach, Ca, both have been as far as the West will allow. Now trainging in the "Dug Out" somewhere in Arizona, they aren't and never have been strangers to this thing we all call HIP HOP. Let us take you out to this ballin' game and witness real R.B.I.'s as the game gets won by this lead off batter and clean-up hitter.

Set List

2 Song list, for openers, 4 song list for performance.