RBL Posse

RBL Posse


Our music is West Coast Funk, and Bay Area Mob music mixed in a Gumbo pot.


Formed in 1991 by Black C (Christian Mathews) and Mr. Cee (Kyle Church). Their first release, the self-produced "Don't Give Me No Bammer" came out on In-a-Minute Records and made the Billboard magazine Hot Rap Singles chart, peaking at #16. Two albums followed: A Lesson to Be Learned, which peaked at #60 on the Billboard magazine Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and Ruthless by Law, which surpassed their debut by making it to #23, also grazing the bottom of the The Billboard 200 at #197.

In 1995 they produced a solo record by group member Hitman (Ricky Heard) called Solo Creep.
Their impressive sales for regional indie releases attracted interest from Atlantic Records subsidiary Big Beat, who signed the group. Before they could deliver an album, Mr. Cee was shot nine times and killed near his home on New Year's Day in 1996.

Black C and Hitman filled the void created by Mr. Cee's absence with various producers, including Rick Rock and MC Eiht, and released An Eye for an Eye in 1997. The album peaked at #70 on The Billboard 200 chart and got as high as #14 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

RBL Posse released a double album—Bootlegs and Bay Shit: The Resume. In May of 2001.
2001's Hostile Takeover would prove to be the group's last album when, on February 3, 2003, Hitman was shot and killed while driving in the Hunters Point section of San Francisco.
Black C has continued to release solo albums and RBL Posse-related material.


RBL releases:
1992: A Lesson to Be Learned
1994: Ruthless by Law
1997: An Eye for an Eye
2000: Bootlegs & Bay Shit: The Resume
2001: Hostile Takeover

Other RBL related releases:
1995: Hitman - Solo Creep
1996: RBL Posse Presents N.O.H. Mafia - Niggaz on High
1999: Hitman - H2O Volume One
2000: Black C & TayDaTay - Prime Factorz
2002: RBL Posse Presents Prime Minister - No Compromise
2002: RBL Posse Presents Military Minded - Ghetto Vietnam
2003: RBL Posse Presents The Rightway Malitia - Malitia Muzik
2003: RBL Posse Presents Young Thugg - Thugg Livin
2003: Black C - Last Man Standing
2007: Black C - The City of Gods
2010: Black C - 70's Baby