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"Ground Zero Best Bet March 10, 2006"

Best Bets, 3/10
By L. KENT WOLGAMOTT / Lincoln Journal Star

The middle of the United States isn’t where you’d look first to find reggae music, but a show Saturday night should prove that there are plenty of Jamaican-rooted sounds to be heard in the Heartland.

The show is titled Prairie Vibrations: Reggae on the Plains and it’s set for 6 p.m. Saturday at the Zoo Bar.

Put together by Lincoln’s RC Dub, the event will feature several reggae-inspired groups from around the region as well as a Selector to entertain between acts.

The one-night festival is the first of a Middle Massive Reggae Series designed by RC Dub to bring together some of the region’s top reggae groups and spread awareness of the emerging Midwest reggae scene. The group hopes to make it an annual affair.

Scheduled to appear Saturday are: Dred I Dread, Dub*star Soundsystem, Jah Roots, RC Dub and Selector Jah-B. RC Dub, a reggae outfit, has a new guitarist in Lincoln scene veteran Brian McCue and has added a keyboard to its lineup. That new grouping debuted at the Zoo’s Lincoln Exposed festival a couple of weeks ago.

There will be free T-shirts and CDs for those in attendance Saturday and specials on Red Stripe and Appletons Rum.

Prairie Vibrations: Reggae on the Plains is a 21-and-older event. Cover charge is $8.
- Lincoln Journal Star

"Very Good Reggae and Dub Stylee!!!"

"Your music is often played in my shows, Very good Reggae and Dub Style!!!"

- Prince Thierry Radio Mega 99.2 FM France

"The Beat Magazine's Reggae Update with Chuck Foster"

"RC Dub may have emerged from the broken pieces of the second ska revival but they pull just about every element imaginable into their presumed debut Inna State of Dubmission (Waxed Melon)including intricately tight horn sections, phase-shifted vocals, bass/drum/keyboard/guitar interaction, sophisticated jazz-tinged arragements and of course a healthy dollop of dub.

If I seem a little harsh in dealing with some of the submissions to "Reggae Update" consider that I am at times faced with releases like this in which the producer and players have done their homework, checked the vast expanse of ska, rocksteady, reggae, roots, dub and dancehall and come up with something truly innovative while always in tune and on time.

In this case Brad Kindler, Emily Madison, David Mejia, Calen Olivetti and Tim Aukerman have created a soundscape that drives forward with high energy without drawing too heavily from any one inspiration. Playful in title and lyric ("Dangerous Vudu,"Mango Tango" and "Mr. Green Genes" are not the least of these) they have laid a solid foundation over which they glide with grace.

Operating out of Lincoln, NE, they are doubtless a band worth cathing live."
The Beat magazine
vol. 24 no. 5 2005

- The Beat Magazine

"Reggae-Review.com RC Dub "Inna State of Dubmission""

Of all the places in the United States where you'd guess a reggae band would come from, Nebraska probably wouldn't be near the top of the list. But lo and behold, here's RC Dub, a five-piece band straight outta Lincoln, Nebraska that's lot like RC Cola: cool, refreshing, and full of caffeine.

Their largely instrumental music ranges from high-energy ska to funky, bass-driven dub, with electronica and jazz fusion elements spicing it all up -- indicative, no doubt of the mood swings resulting from all that caffeine. (Purists will appreciate the fact that they don't throw in a lot of the rock 'n roll sound that so many punk-leaning ska acts favor.)

The sound is immediately compelling, as early tracks like the funky "Elemental," the jazzy, layered "Ugly Fruit," and the tempo-switching " RC Citizen" draw you in with an organic, live-instrument sound missing from a lot of modern, electronica-heavy dub. Frankly, I'm not someone who can sit down and listen to dub for an extended period of time without dozing off, but Inna State of Dubmission, RC Dub's debut, is an easy listen.

Like a good book or movie, it envelopes you in its world, takes you on its roller coaster ride, and before you know it, it's over, and you're ready to go again. As you'd expect from a largely instrumental band, the vocals (which appear on only a few tracks) aren't the strong point; the group seems to know this, as the few vocals seem to be intentionally subdued and/or muffled.

Aside from the previously mentioned tracks, other standouts include the rolling funk of "Last One" (powered by the group's female bassist; hooray for women!), the regal horns of "Dangerous Vudu," and the bouncy, mid-tempo "Fix My Low." Check 'em out at rcdub.com.

- Reggae-Review.com

"Lincoln Journal Star/Ground Zero Best Bet"

-L. Kent Wolgamott
June 3, 2005

Lincoln is one of the least likely places you'd expect to produce dub reggae, much less excellent dub reggae.

But that's just what RC Dub delivers on "Inna State of Dubmission," it's debut CD.

Formed in 2000, the five piece band adds trumpet and trombone to the standard bass-drums-guitar mix to create primarily instrumental music that wraps ska, rocksteady and jazz into the reggae rhythms. Original and complex, the music is echoing and spacey on "Dangerous Vudu," propulsive and driving on "Senor Ska" and playfully tuneful on "Mr. Green Genes."

Uniformly well played, "Inna State of Dubmission" catches the roots reggae groove on tracks such as "RC Citizen," ventures away from that classic sound without losing the beat on "Mango Tango" and other, more experimental cuts.
Immaculately produced, "Inna State of Dubmission" sounds great across all 17 of its tracks and is a perfect summer disc-just put it on in the hot sun and start the party.

- Lincoln Journal Star/Ground Zero

"MySpace band of the week April 28, 2006"

With its blend of dub, ska, rock steady, and jazz, RC Dub is reintroducing Lincoln to the reggae sounds. Check out some of the bands grooves:

Essential Myspace Tracks

"RC Citizen"
"Catch It" - Switch Lincoln



OMAHA, NEB. -- The Independent Artist Registry recently announced that Lincoln’s RC Dub have been chosen for membership in the 2006 Midwest class of the IAR.

Started in 2005 by The Music Phone Book, the IAR is a national talent scouting and referral service that identifies independent artists on the rise, then promotes them to a quarter million music professionals.

Membership in the IAR is awarded to artists based on talent and potential and cannot be bought by artists or their representation.

The IAR critiques artists in the four areas of career development record label A&R reps use to evaluate up and coming performers: quality of music, press kit, website, and manner of professionalism - a quality more and more major label A&R reps are paying close attention to these days.

“When I was approached to be a part of the Independent Artist Registry, I said why not, Atlantic Records A&R rep Steve Robertson said. “I knew the IAR would be a great way to find artists I may not get a chance to hear. I especially like the way the IAR is structured. Being entirely artist driven, I know the demos I get will be from serious performers with talent. Finding those bands is my top priority and its not easy.”

RC Dub, a dub, ska, rock steady, jazz and reggae combo were one of 52 bands chosen out of thousands who applied for membership.

“The riffs and hooks are extremely catchy and the chorus is really cool,” the IAR’s music reviewer said of RC Dub’s demo. “The performances are solid and the energy is upbeat with a solid reggae groove.”

Josh Wendell, director of the IAR, said it was refreshing to work with RC Dub. “They’ve got a good think going in the personality department. It’s nice to work with someone so friendly and cool.”

RC Dub plan to work on getting some new material put together to debut at their upcoming live shows. “Get ready to dance, dance, dance!” the band wrote on their website.

As members of the IAR, RC Dub will receive a one year endorsement deal, a one page demo summary sent to hundreds of record label A&R contacts, a dedicated artist page on the IAR website, an artist listing in The Music Phone Book, and a six month membership to Broadjam - one of the largest web communities for musicians and fans.

The IAR’s national promotion campaign of RC Dub will commence September 5th.
For more information about
RC Dub, visit http://www.independentartistregistry.com/rcdub.



RC Dub-Inna State of Dubmission 2005

debut album now enjoying regular airplay of songs "Elemental", "Senior Ska", "Last One", "Mr. Green Genes" and other tracks.

Some radio/internet stations playing RC Dub:

KZUM 89.3 FM, Lincoln-400 Years Radio Free Mondo!


KRNU 90.3 FM, Lincoln-University Nebraska Lincoln


NPRN 91.1 FM, Nebraska NPR-Music Through The Night


KPFK 90.7 FM, Los Angeles, California

-Reggae Central with Chuck Foster


MEGA 99.2 FM, Bourg-Les-Valence, France

-Reggae Radio with Prince Thierry at the controls!



Sweet FM 89.4 London U.K

-Rootscorner with Ras Lion


WGMU George Mason University-Alexandria, VA

-Local's Only with Wes Niedig


KPSU 98.3FM Revolution Soundz w/ Ras Aaron

Portlands College Radio-Portland, OR


RC Dub has been selected as a contributing artist heard in the documentary film

"Shooting Henry Hill" about ex-goodfella Henry Hill.

We have also recieved these reviewers pick awards for the song "Elemental" from Garageband.com:

Track of the Day on 8Dec2005 in Reggae

Best Male Vocals in Reggae, week of 12Dec2005

Best Guitars in Reggae, week of 12Dec2005

Best Drums in Reggae, week of 12Dec2005

Best Bass in Reggae, week of 12Dec2005

Best Keyboards in Reggae, week of 12Dec2005

Best Production in Reggae, week of 12Dec2005

Best Melody in Reggae, week of 12Dec2005

Best Beat in Reggae, week of 12Dec2005

Best Mood in Reggae, week of 12Dec2005

Most Original in Reggae, week of 12Dec2005



Booking Call: 402.416.0851


RC Dub is a 6 piece group based out of Lincoln, NE. Equipped with a bold horn section, and a plethora of vocal harmony, their special blend reggae has been a staple on the Lincoln music scene since their emergence in 2003.

Originally formed by Emily Madison (aka Goldie) and Calen Olivetti, RC Dub have continued to spread their unique socially conscious music to regional and national audiences. RC Dub’s extensive repertoire spans from the traditional rocksteady and ska of the reggae legends from Treasure Isle and Studio One, to jazz-fused stylings of roots, dancehall and dub. Armed with such an arsenal of reggae, RC Dub plays all night until the lights come on.

Their 2005 release, “Inna State of Dubmission”, has received rave reviews from such installments as Beat Magazine, and aided the band in earning the Independent Artist Registrys title of “Top Independent Band” in 2006, along with international radio play.

The band has shared the stage with such acts as The Wailers, HR (of Bad Brains), Calton Coffee (of Inner Circle) and Germany’s own Dr. Ring Ding. Set to release their sophomore album in May 2009, RC Dub is continuing their forward momentum and shows no signs of slowing down.

RC Dub is: Calen Olivetti – Trumpet, vocals, percussion, melodica/

Emily Madison (Goldie) – Bass, vocals/

Dave Hansen – Guitar, vocals/

Loren Rye – Trombone, vocals, percussion/

Brian Middendorf – Keys/

Kyle Swartz – Drums

* Please download RC Dub's Electronic Press Kit (EPK).

* Please visit www.myspace.com/rcdub for more music and video!