Rc/Rc productions

Rc/Rc productions

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The ultimate experience of "Good Music". It's a drawn up cross of old school and new school combined. Elements of soul and drum breaks with synth and an extended variety of vast musical preferences.


A star is born, The young producer by the name of "RCtheGreat" is musically inclined with creativity displayed throughout his production. Setting the goals very high for himself, R.C. creates instrumentals and raps also. He goes by the moniker of "R.C.", (based after the Cola can that was off brand, He uses it at similarity to his musical genre and how he isn't bringing the same brand of "Coca Cola" everyone else is used to.) The chop without the screw style and Synths over sampled melodys is his usual formula. But don't limit R.c. to just that, he has a wide range of styles rap-wise and production. He's influenced by a strange list of producers such as Basement Jaxx, Rick Rok, The Neptunes, Organized Noize, Kanye West, BattleCat, and J. Dilla. Though it stands that R.c. is not a full-time producer. "Rapper slash producer" as he says brings alot of comparisons to artist like Kanye and Pharrell. He says " Rappers didn't believe I could spit, so I used to spit on the beats and give them the concept before giving them the beat". R.c. started rapping at the age of six when he first came in contact with what he calls "The golden age of hip hop". He began rapping in cyphers at school and to friends growing up. After high school he became influenced by sounds and a program called Fruity Loops 3.56. There after, he started creating his own beats to rap to. "I just got tired of asking other people for beats" he says. He then began as an apprentice and ghost producer for alot of average but well-off west coast producers. After getting some experience under his belt as a producer R.c. decided it was time to start over. Today, R.c. is producing locally known albums across California including his main solo artist "Def Sound" and is getting tutelege from his mentor, the undrated Super-Producer Ski Beatz(responsible for alot of Songs off Jay-z's Classic album Reasonable Doubt and Camp Lo's "Luchini" .


Def Sound's (Something LP)
"The Interview"

Set List

30 to 40 min set...will do cover, instrumental