Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, AUS

We write songs that will last your summer and melodies that will get you through winter.
My only outlet to vent what I've seen and where I've been is through songwriting and my goal is
to make sure I never hear the words 'I should've done that when I was younger' from anyone.
What we put through our performances is not only to treat you to a night of music but to instill youth,
self confidence and a musical landscape where you feel welcome and can truly be yourself.



Travelling the world often has an everlasting impression on a person. Their mindset, creativity and overall belief is forever altered. For a musician, this experience is taken on a whole other level. After basing himself ‘anywhere but home’ for four years, Reece Dillon backpacked the world-over writing, discovering, gigging and learning.
The result; Reece Dillon + Ze Jalea Bebès

Self-described as ‘Folklektro,’ RDZJB bring an artistic exploration to every set. A collection of unabashed, variously themed, jubilant pop tunes; introspective and uplifting at the same time. With a parade of close friends (and warranted musicians in their own right) rotating onstage, Reece Dillon has lead his crew on a inventive and memorable journey since early 2010.

Their diverse multi-cultural backgrounds come together to blend into a blissfully melodic sound live. An array of instruments, styles and influential genres making all the right noise.A fresh evolution of un-pigeonholed modern music. The hardworking and committed approach of RDZJB is constantly understated, clocking-up 120 gigs within their first year on the road. Appearances at Angelsea Music Festival, Ocean Grove Music Festival, ACMI’s Tim Burton ‘Live-Nights’ Exhibition and a weeklong Sydney tour, all-adding to their experience and effortless talent. A persistent and relentless pursuit for musical idealism. Supporting the likes of such acts as Lowrider, Red Ink, Dappled Cities and The Red Eyes; as well as radio appearances and TripleJ Unearthed support (track 'Old Melbourne Town' charting #24), the impressive Jelly Babies resume is continuously being updated.

A name that oozes youth,charisma, energy and a natural-playfulness; Reece Dillon + Ze Jalea Bebès are not trying to be something they’re not. Unafraid or compressed by limitations, their eyes and ears open to the world and what it has on display. Everything they encompass, believe and want is on offer from the very beginning; and they simply want to share it.


E.P 'RDZJB' [2010]

Upcoming release
E.P 'The Last Days Of La Warrenwood' [Winter 2012]