Code RED

Code RED

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This is rap at its best. We’ve got everything from high energy dance songs you've got to rock with, to laid back poetry that's lyrically astounding. Not only that but everything we do is straight gospel! If you listen long enough we might just change your life for the better. Thats Code R.E.D.


Who are we? Servants of the most high God. We’ve been molded and shaped as vessels, made to glorify God. That’s our purpose… to praise, to honor, and to glorify the Lord. We’ve been blessed to do this through rap, dance, poetry, and most importantly through everyday life. We’ve been given amazing things and we believe God still has more in store, but for now…this is our story. We are Code: R.E.D.—Raising Even the Dead, currently composed of BT (Brennan Travers) and J. (Reginald Moore). We’ve been working cooperatively since 2004 in dance ministry, when we began as the Tru’ D.O.G.S.(Dancers OF Gospel Songs). At the time J also started doing some rap with the assistance and encouragement of Koreem, C-note, and ActSion (formally known as DC). After a mere one year of solo rap, our work as a dynamic duo in rap and dance began and has been going ever since. The opportunities that God has blessed us with have abounded time and time again. We have done live performances at events with artist such a J-Silas and R-Swift. We’ve done multiple main session performances at a national youth conference working with Ripped Veil. We’ve worked with organizations such as Urban Hope and CE National. God has blessed us with everything from ministering to audiences of over a thousand to free styling with just one or two. Just thinking about it, all we can do is praise Him. And indeed, that is what we intend to do!

Set List

We have a variety of different set list for all sorts of events/concerts. The songs that we tend to use in most set list though include:
"David Shout"
"Code: R.E.D."
"The Revival"