Reaching Scarlet

Reaching Scarlet


We are a high-energy band shows ska-influenced rock band that puts an emphasis on enjoyable and memorable live shows. Lead with female vocals and backed up by pounding horn lines, Reaching Scarlet stands out.


Formed in early 2006, Reaching Scarlet is a seven-piece band that places a heavy ska influence on their unique brand of rock music. Fronted by frenetic vocalist Jennifer Weinhold, Reaching Scarlet is a high-energy band that puts an emphasis on enjoyable and memorable live shows. The band combines elements of ska, funk, and straight-ahead rock to form a set of original material that keeps the crowd engaged from start to finish.

Consisting of members from former Wisconsin ska heavyweight Out of Line as well as several musicians new to the Milwaukee scene, Reaching Scarlet is a fusion of experienced and well-traveled musicians. Formed in 2001, Out of Line played at numerous large clubs in the Midwest, including the Rave, The Annex, and the Metro in Chicago. In 2004 they were nominated for four WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) Awards and were one of only two bands from Wisconsin invited to the Midwest Music Summit in Indianapolis, IN. Their debut album Channel Surfing (Jump Up! Records, 2004) was a college-radio hit, and their music has been featured on multiple television shows including Urban Explorers on the Discovery Channel and The Fox Morning Wake-Up News.

After several members of the band left in 2005, Out of Line regrouped with experienced musicians culled from the large talent pool of the Midwest. The members of the new group re-named themselves Reaching Scarlet, and have since been aggressively booking shows and promoting their music.

Amidst a scene of bands singing angst-filled music and generally looking like they would rather be somewhere else, Reaching Scarlet goes against the grain by having fun while playing, and encourages the audiences to do the same. They believe that putting on a show to remember is their most important goal – and their enthusiasm is infectious. They want their fans to smile, dance, and jump up and down, encouraging participation with the band.

Reaching Scarlet is currently focused on playing shows in the Midwest, gaining exposure and creating awareness in the region.



Written By: Jen/Reaching Scarlet

Your newest flavor of the month
does she know about me?
I shouldn't be all the concerned
She'll be gone by month three
I am the only one with which
you have history
You are so blind if
that is not what you see

Almost an obsession
longing for attention
save me from rejection
starving for your affection
give me a direction
to turn for my redemption
almost an obsession

Go out to all the same spots
cuz we like the same scene
that's great but makes me sick when I
see you out with a fling
I know it's evident
you'll dump her when she clings
dating is just a game to you
you repeat the same scheme


Physical Distraction

Written By: Casey/Reaching Scarlet

Kickin around this old town getting smaller everyday
at least for the two of us
the hours approaching when your welcomes overstayed
as foreshadowed by your musk

Nothings easy when your easy
pack your bags and go on
nothings easy when your easy
you'll give it away cuz he's a physical distraction

You always kill with kindness
murder me with hope
fool me once shame on me
one tiny voice screams
just tell him no
and I'll never let him know that the rest of me says go go go


I need someone who knows me to say
I feel the same way too
I'll show you the error of your ways
but you'd never see it through



Written By: s. lohse & Jen/Reaching Scarlet

Fell asleep last night with you in love with me
everything was ok
woke up then turned to you looked in your eyes
love faded away
somehow I'm stranded here alone
fightin to find my world
my hearts been ripped apart where do I start
need to see it through
we used to be so close I knew you would always be my best friend
but now so much has changed between us
this can't be the end
take this bullshit away from me
let her have it instead
this girl will find you out
and when she does
you should

Fight for our love
you've taken me for granted
I don't understand it
Fight for our love
I deserve your attention
not your rejection
Fight for our love
the grass is always greener
just because she's newer
doesn't always mean she's the one for you

You told me we were good everything was right
just needed your space
not sure why you couldn't look mme in the eye
saw you turning away
I thought your story was a lie
you had something to hide
I thought you were a man not a little child
I guess the joke is on me never was so wise
when she finds you out you should have to


You Want Me

Written By: Jen/Reaching Scarlet

Last night went out to a bar
bartender made my favorite drink
and as I looked across the room
I saw I saw you you starring at me
Your eyes seemed to catch my glance
and so I looked and you and smiled
I hoped it wouldn't be too long
before you'd come and talk a while
and you did
your body language said

You want me
You want me
You want me
You want me

I wondered what you would say
turns out you offered to buy me a drink
I thought he's hot, well dressed, nice smile
he has a possibility
Your eyes seemed to look through me
made some excuse to brush up on my leg
there was a certain chemistry
it was so obvious that day
by what you did
your body language said

You want me
You want me
You want me
You want me
and I I I I I I want you too

Beer Me

Written By: Casey/Reaching Scarlet

Wrap my hands around your neck
and drain every inch of life out of you
my spirits broken work is done
time has come to knock back a few
I said Hey

We don't have to fight
you can stay all night
but beer me that beer
If I can still think
I'll need another drink
so beer me that beer

Life is just an endless barrage of soul crushing boredom sorrow and pain
so let us gather in my garage and drink back a few to take away the pain
I said hey It's still ok
If we fall down on the floor
what'd you think it's put there for
so stay don't go away
we're gonna drink just one more


Who I Am Today

Written By: Jen/Reaching Scarlet

I always wanted
so much out of you
seems like it wasn't fair
but what could I do
I waited years hoping
our love was true
in the end alone again
that wouldn't do

It was over
what'll you do
the answers inside you

We had some really great time
too bad they were few
most of the time I spent
waiting for you to commit feel and love me
shouldn't be hard to do


was the time we shared wasted away
you'll always be a part of me
and who I am today

can't turn back time we'd never be the same
you'll always be a part of me and who I am today


Written By: Jen/Reaching Scarlet

I really never thought
you were capable of that
right now you're dead to me just like a doormat
you seem to have no feelings so what do you care
you stripped away at my heart and left a giant tear
I am affected by this so much more than you
you know how much I loved you its true but you rip me apart with those words that you use
than you say you are sorry as if I am your muse

So I can't accept your I'm sorry right now
I can't accept your I'm sorry right now
I can't accept your I'm sorry right now
you hurt me so much I don't know how

I have given you everything I have left within me
if the role was reversed I doubt you'd do the same for me
I don't want to be taken for granted anymore
there has got to be a way to settle the score
I need to know you value me as I do you
I want so bad to forgive you and start anew
I'm just not sure I trust you with me heart
and that for me has got to be the hardest part


There is nothing left to do
there is nothing left to say
there is nothing left
once you left me feeling this way
please just go the fuck away
I can't deal with you today



Written By: Casey/Reaching Scarlet

You think you're so goddam clever
and count your money when nobody's home
that game you play can't last forever
the words you say cut to the bone

Maybe someday you will look back
are these the best days of our lives
and maybe someday you will feel bad too until then we'll live your lies

Feel the dollars rushing in here to crush you alive
triggers pulled by the palm of your hand
if we all fall then I know that he will still survive
to fight for control
we must make a stand
oh no, your plan has faltered
on no, I thought you knew
pop the lock and hear the call just
don't pay attention and do what you do


see it go it's gone when we can pave the way to save the day
so we can carry on
a responsibility to make them see
make them see

Big in Japan

Written By: Casey/Reaching Scarlet

A long long time ago
in a galaxy far away
where music meant something more
than a bankable image was paid to display
the worst job we could get
is pounding out that kind of shit
but I know
we're gonna go there someday

A magic land across the sea oh
where up and down is left to right
all the papers and the magazines will be
emblazoned with our columns of praise
the kind of trombone Jeremy plays
our reflections back through the days
when we didn't make a dime, but now

We're Big, Big in Japan
Rollin hard in our hondas
sake bombin all through the land
now we're big yes we're big we're so big
Big in Japan
Maybe you'd understand, but I doubt it

guitar and horn solos



Written By: Jen/Reaching Scarlet

Oh oh I gotta go
Run through a red light makin up time
check the clock I'm still behind
traffic on the highway
fightin back
how the hell will I get to my next act
doin my makeup can't be late
common hair cooperate
15 minutes before the show
drink a red bull and it's time to go

and now that we're about to go on stage
I catch up with my guys along the way
gotta give the show the right energy so we listen to Tenacious D

The skaband lifestyles here to stay we love to meet our fans along the way
we're here to brighten up your day
we wouldn't want it any other way

Thinkin of lyrics in the middle of the night
grab a piece of paper turn on a light
going through everything all in my head
a couple hours later go back to bed hang with my band they hear my song will the crowd sing along what'd you think
you having fun
than dance till we are done


Show is over time to relax
we hope you enjoyed your night to the maxx
we'd like to hang out have a few beers get to the next gig our manager fears
pack it all up back on the road
next day new town time to unload
will the crowd be as fun as you
maybe with some Milwaukee Brew


Wake Up

Written By: Jen/Reaching Scarlet

Somewhere out in the world today
people are dying while our children play
did you ever wonder why that is?
are we a little to blame, maybe
due to our ignorance or that
we get so busy we seem inconsiderate
I have traveled and I have seen devastation that is obscene
such distinction between wealth and poverty

It is time for us to wake up
see the world and all the problems caused
you can make a difference
Be Aware
It start's with you to prove you care

I have traveled and I have seen devastation that is obscene such distinction between wealth and poverty
political turmoil at its best children enslaved their people never rest
what we want in life needs to be put to the test
Are we a little to blame maybe due to our ignorance or that
we get so busy we seem inconsiderate



Written By: Jen/Reaching Scarlet

You call me this evening
let's go out and have some fun
we drink and start dancing
meet new people
talk all night

Having the time of our lives
easy to let loose I dont' think twice
Having the time of our lives so glad you're here with me tonight

Me best friends and like syblings
you can count on share everything
do dinners celebrate birthdays help out with all the important things


You can rely on me I can rely on you that is what we will do
Our friendship is so strong you'l never do me wrong I can count on you

Let's Go

Written By: Jen/Reaching Scarlet

Look back on your life
just take a minute
think of all you've done
and where you'll go from here
you should be proud of everything
it's time to have some fun
so jump all around
and let your hair down
Come on Get crazy!

It's your life so live it
just let go
It's your life so live it
just let go
It's your life so live it
just let go
It's your life so live it

Look back on your life
just take a minute
think of all you've done
and where you'll go from here
you're here today
come dance with me
who wants to have some fun
so jump all around
and let your hair down
Come on Get Crazy


Hot in the Bitter Cold

Written By: Rick & Jen/Reaching Scarlet

Don't explain what it is that you said to me
description is short of the chill in bones of thieves
and all of the working and plotting slaves of greed
they shiver or shout
but they don't know what will break them free

In the bitter cold
walk the low lit row
with decision bold through the fallen snow
everybody want to know
as the biting winds blow
how I'm hot in the bitter cold

Intentes justificar lo que robaste
me quedo asi por lo que ganaste
es exceso lo q' te aquantas
mientras los q' trabajan viven en pobreza


Time Spent

Written By: Jen/Reaching Scarlet

I love the way you make me feel
when I'm next to you
I just don't want it to end no
and when I feel your sudden touch
inside I feel a rush
and I think I kinda like it

Time spent with me
We share chemistry
that's seen in your eyes and your smile
Time spent with me
we'll make memories
through the years we will look back and smile

It's in the little things you do
when I lean on you
I can trust you like no other
We share our thoughts and we remain
alike in so many ways
we're perfect for each other
and when you look at me that way
my legs melt into clay
and I think I kinda like it



The previous incarnation, Out Of Line, released one CD off of Jump Up Records and one on the band's own. The full length CD, Channel Surfing, was distributed world-wide and played over the XROX and radio stations on a regular basis. Two songs were used in the Discovery Channel show "Urban Explorers" and we had a live broadcast off of the Fox Morning Wake-Up News.

Set List

Reaching Scarlet has a variety of sets that are performed based on the time allowed, venue, and the show itself.

Original Music includes:
Bitter Cold
You Want Me
Beer Me
Physical Distraction
Who I Am
Wake Up
Life Style
Time Spent

Covers include:
"Call Me" by Blondie
"Maneater" by Hall n Oates
"The Impression That I Get" - by Mighty, Mighty Bosstones.
"Maggie Mae" - by Pietasters