"Forgoing both blooze and quirk-pop, the drum/guitar dou of REACTAVOX batters out a strange amalgam of metal riffs and decidedly Seattleite grunge scuz" says SPLENDID Mag. Reminiscent of Mudhoney, L7, Breeders, the grind of the REACTAVOX machine is unpredicatable, unforgiving and explosive.


REACTAVOX is the Chicago based drum/guitar powerhouse of Nick and Sheila Christofalos. The Band has been creating indie rock and performing in a wide range of venues and dives throughout the midwest and southeastern US since 1998. REACTAVOX's music is hooky, obnoxious and free and the couple's desire for freedom of expression is evident and contagious live as the couple decends into a self-imposed sonic trance and delivers themselves to the audience head on in a wall of noise & sensual fury. The band's quintessential sound is based upon a simple combination of playful dissonance, thick melodies and lyrical substance. Weerdo, their 2004 release, follows their successful 2000 full-length release "Compressor" which received airplay on over 175+ US college stations and reached 153 on CMJ's Top 200 list. REACTAVOX recorded and produced Weerdo with Chicago engineer Keith Cleversley (Flaming Lips, Hum, Mercury Rev) & had the pleasure of working with Frank Dreyer (David Bowie) and Frank Mullen (White Stripes, Poster Children) for graphic and web arts.


7 States


I’m underground
With a ringing in my ears
In my ears , in my ears
And a splinter in my eye
In my eye, in my eye
And I know I’m going blind
Going blind, going blind

I’m on a date
On a date
With a hammer in my hand
In my hand, in my hand
And a nail in my side
In my side, in my side
And I think I’m still alive
Still alive, still alive

Now I’m wanted in 7 states
Now I’m wanted in your head
Now I’m wanted in 7 states
Now I’m wanted in your bed

I’m up and down
Up and down
With a monkey on my back
On my back, on my back
And the Check is in the mail
In the mail, in the mail
And I think I’m coming on
Coming on, coming on

All I wanna eat
Wanna eat
All I ever want to eat
Want to eat, want to eat


Written By: Reactavox

I’m so bored with you
Give me a new quotation

Cut You Off & See
If I Can Breathe
If I Can Be
Without You
In Me

I’m so tired from you
Give me a new mutation

I’m so dead from you
Give me a new aggression


Written By: Reactavox

My tounge is tied
with modern life
it tastes like my
and your distress
My ears collide
With worldwide lies
They have blinded me
Just like everyone

White lights
Lead to red lights

Wish like everyone

but still alive
My heart is beating me to death
Under the folds
of flesh it sleeps
It has wounded me
Just like everyone

Apologies can’t stop the tears
Apologies for years and years
This is what we wished for dear
This is what we wished for


Written By: Reactavox

A vein
A stare
A heart cracked
I brought
Them all
To You
A smile
A scar
A heart black
You gave
These things
To me

Don’t change a thing
You’ll be a misfit
Just like me

A day
A year
A slow burn
A thousand
Arrow cuts
A vein
A stare
A heart cracked
I brought
Them all
To you


Written By: Reactavox

Making all the rules
Making all the rules
Are you so
Sure you’re right?
Set the standard high
Set the standard high
Live in a
Per fect world
Your moral majority
Is in the minority
Don’t Ask Why
Breaking all the rules
Breaking all the rules
Give us
Another lie


Counting all your gold
Counting all your gold
When will you
Have enough?
Smile & wave again
Smile & wave again
Haven’t we
Seen enough
Your secret society
Is killing the air I breathe
Don’t feel bad
Teaching us to fear
Teaching us to fear
What a big
Man you are

How can you sleep
Sleep at night
With the weight
Of the world
On your back
Tell Us
What will you do
With your life (repeat 'til end)


Written By: Reactavox

I’ve got the answer
You’ve got a hole
I will adore you
You can control

I will restore you
You’ll make me weak
Sleep in the sunlight
Sleep on our knees


I like you
You know it’s true
Can I have 2?

I need a new friend
One that demands
Give me a new piece
Give me a hand
This is our moment
Taste it and see
My tounge is numb from
Your lips so sweet


-For Champion's It's REACTAVOX - Stinkbug Records 1998
-Scattered - Shuteye Records Compilation 1999
- 7" Single - Activator Music 2000
- Compressor - Activator Music 2000
- Weerdo - Cherrybone Records 2004
Radio airplay throughout US, Canada, France from 2000-2005

Set List

45 min. typical set. All original. Complete with our own lightshow and video projections.