Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

ReadyGoes is created from other major label and highly successful bands from Minneapolis. In their young history, RG has been featured on MTV, VH1, E!News and are currently selling out shows in Minneapolis.


Vocalist Bryan Shackle and drummer Tyler Jorenby were seemingly handed their long-awaited opportunity to form their dream project on a silver platter shortly after being commissioned to produce bumper music and songs for various television shows. After being offered an actual live performance, what appeared to be a forthcoming panicked yet painstaking search for the missing links in the group happened seemingly overnight. Immediately in co-founder Jorenby’s back yard were bassist George Hadfield and guitarist Mo. Shackle then turned to guitarist Patrick Gibbs, and the lineup was completed.

Within 2 weeks of scrambled rehearsals, writing and recording sessions, and Jager shots down the road at Lee’s Liquor Lounge, the group had brought the concept of an energetic and unique indie-pop-rock set of originals to life.

The band put together a music video for their debut single "Hey-Oh" with award winning producer Joe Brandmeier (Wyclef Jean, Prince, Jason Mraz, Lauryn Hill). The song had already been featured as bumper music and on several popular TV shows including, but not limited to, E!'s "Living Lohan" and MTV's "Next."

The music video made its world-premiere on E! News With Ryan Seacrest & Giuliana Rancic, marking the first-time the show has ever featured an unsigned act in their music segment. The video was also featured in Fuse’s "Unsigned On Demand" series in early '09.

It’s safe to say that the mischievous kingpins of ReadyGoes won’t be seeing much rest in their musical near-futures. Most recently the band has been recording new material and winning over crowds at colleges and clubs throughout the Midwest with their high energy live show, sharing the stage with acts such as Walk The Moon, Butch Walker, Augustana, Hellogoodbye, Ra Ra Riot and Band Of Skulls.


ReadyGoes "Hey Oh" - August 2008

ReadyGoes "Like A Bomb EP" February 2012

Set List

30+ originals....
lots of possible covers (from the Gorillas to Butch Walker)...
typical set is 45 mins to 1.5 hours.