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Babylon, New York, United States | SELF

Babylon, New York, United States | SELF
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"Summer At The Beach"

July 2007
By: Eric Badia

For the Long Island-based indie rock group Ready In 10, it certainly has been a summer in the sun: They’ve been signed to perform a whopping five times at the WaMu Music Stage at Nikon at Jones BeachTheater. While it certainly is not the main stage at Nikon, the WaMu Stage gives deserving area acts a chance to display their talents to a broad audience before the night’s headliner performs. Ready In 10 certainly must have impressed the entertainment company Live Nation, who booked the band to perform at Nikon on June 5 (opening for Fall Out Boy), June 27 (The Fray), July 21 (Goo Goo Dolls), Poison (July 24), and coming up on August 9 (Incubus). That’s great exposure for any fast-rising rock act. “To have a company like Live Nation on your side is an amazing feat for any band – especially one who is working hard to make the wheels turn without the help of a major record label,” said lead vocalist Sal Nastasi in a recent press statement. Currently, this promising band – comprised of Nastasi on vocals, Marc Viola on guitar, Mike Elefante on bass, and Jim Milano on drums – have their sights set on the immediate life. Since the release of Face The World, Ready In 10 has been playing shows throughout New York and into Boston and New Jersey. They had the opportunity to open for another Long Island band made good, Nine Days, only weeks after lead vocalist Sal Nastasi sang the National Anthem at a New York Jets Game at Giants Stadium on September 1, 2006. With all the accomplishments of 2006, a high water mark was reached when their song “Green Eyed Girl” was used in an online Sony/Ericsson advertisement for a new cell phone, the W810. Reportedly, the band has gradually been working on new material for their next album release. Given their accomplishments and their highly professional and proficient recording style, perhaps their lack of a “major label” may be a temporary condition. Ready In 10 recently released their first music video (check their websites for more information). For more information, please visit: or

- Good Times Magazine (NY)

"Music Video Release"

June '07
By: Shaun O'Brien

Two years ago, Ready in 10 started playing little shows around Long Island and New York City. Rewind to last year, they were releasing their debut album "Face The World". That brings us to today. Enjoying the success of their album, the band has shot their very first music video. On June 3, in front of 100 of their closest friends at TJ Finely's in Bayshore, they premiered their video for "One More Chance". The video's premise is about making the most of your time with loved ones, and enjoying their company while they're with you, because one day it may be gone and you may be too late to really tell them how you feel.

After the video was shown, Ready in 10 definitely lived up to that message. The band played an acoustic set that was energetic and superb. They mixed new songs with their cuts from "Face the World". They showed off their versatility as Sal Nastasi and Marc Viola switched back and forth from acoustic and lead guitars all night. Marc even took some on some lead vocals himself at times. The band managed to throw in some covers, including an abbreviated version of the Black Crowes' "She Talks To Angels". In the middle of the band's "Fun Song" "Simple", the spotlight shone on drummer Jim Milano with a spectacular drum solo. The harmonies between Nastasi, Viola and bassist Mike Elefante were fantastic all night, showing that this is a band that really knows how to play together.

Another key point came when Nastasi and Viola played the song for which the video was made; "One more chance". They played it with just Nastasi's vocals and Viola's acoustic guitar. The show closed with "Shallow Water" which had the crowd singing along with Nastasi; "What if they're Wrong", but instead of playing the song to it's completion, the band threw in a little "Stairway to Heaven" at the end which brought the house down. The final song was the ever popular "Burn" which also was mixed with a legendary closing; as Viola went into the Beatles' "Dear Prudence".

Throughout, Nastasi thanked the audience for coming out and supporting them, especially on a Sunday night. It just goes to show that Ready in 10's popularity has skyrocketed in the past two years. The band's already starting to gain attention on a much larger scale, as they have 4 dates at Jones Beach; opening up for Fall out Boy, The Fray, Goo Goo Dolls, and Incubus.
- AuralFix Comunique

"Face the World"

Aug '06
By: Cara Gundersen

Local bands tend to be a dime a dozen these days, let's face it. But every now and then...every once in a very very rare while you get one that sparks something. One that piques interest enough to garner a strong following. A band that has a sound, an energy, a feeling that won't leave your head. One that just won't quit.
That is the feeling you get from Ready In 10, a Long Island band who formed back in January 2005. It wasn't long before these boys developed a strong fan following with steady gigs at local venues.
With a sound reminiscent of Maroon 5, Matchbox Twenty and that humble-beginning-band from New Jersey, Bon Jovi, this band is intent on making it big-time. And their drive is evident in their electrifying stage shows, as proven when they opened for sold out Rusted Root performances, as well as their own knock out shows. Not to mention, the fact that this fabulous four are extremely easy on the eyes also ensures that their fan base is certain to include millions of hormone laden girls - and perhaps their mothers...
On August 5th, 2006, Ready In 10 released their first full-length album, Face The World, at a sold out show at Live Trax in Bellmore, NY. The band took the crowd from hard rocking hits such as "One Man Show" to smooth grooves like "Now I'll Lay" (a local favorite) and sweet ballads like "Hard To Love". This band has depth, range and intrigue. No matter what they give you, you always want one more. Just one more.
Their stellar performance that night solidified their place as rock and roll princes - ready to take their throne as the next generation of what is to come in music.
The disc itself is a superb showcase of the band's dynamic. The opener, "One Man Show", is pure rock and roll. With its thumping percussion provided by drummer Jim Milano and hooky guitar riffs courtesy of Mark Viola, the song is just plain cool.
The album's third track, "Green Eyed Girl", is an ode to just that. It is a standout literally because the song questions why nobody sings about the gals with green eyes. The tune is a sweet tribute to those rare beauties and a favorite among fans, being dubbed "my song" by every green eyed female follower.
The hands down fan favorite seems to be the anthem-like "Burn". Usually used by the band to close their live shows, the song is as determined and driven as the band itself.
But perhaps the album's masterpiece lies in its last track, "One More Chance". A bittersweet requiem to opportunities lost, the song puts to rest any doubts the listener may have had about the band's raw talent. It is a thickly layered and increasingly complex piece, building on itself with the framework that each verse has laid down before it, boasting the beautiful cries of strings and flutes.
Lyrically, the song's profound content proves songwriters Viola and Sal Nastasi's (also the lead singer) ability to peer into the soul and draw out pure emotion. These two don't just look, they see.
As a whole, the album is a beautiful blend of what the band has to offer with glimpses of what more we will see from them in the future.
Check them out on their website at
or on Myspace:
Both include info on purchasing the CD. It's one you will not forget!

"Ready In 10 Releases: Face the World"

Aug '06
By: Joe Goetz

Before Ready In 10 even hit the stage, they had the audience in their back pocket. Nearly everyone at Live Trax in North Bellmore was a tremendous fan of the band and there for the release of their debut CD. And they made me a fan too of their brand of energetic rock and roll.

Once the band took the stage, the packed house was ready to hear one of Long Island's best. Highlights of the evening were "I Wish I Could," which should be their first single with it's catchy chorus and great singing from Sal. "Now I'll Lay" had fantastic slide guitar effects and yearning lyrics. The song "Simple" had the audience singing and bouncing along to this very funky party song. "One Man Show" featured inspired lyrics for this mid-tempo rocker.
There were 2 songs that were my favorite of the night: "One More Chance," which is an awesomely beautiful ballad featuring acoustic guitar with the band.(The album version is even more beautiful because it features violin). Guys, take
note: this should also be a single!

My other favorite was the song "Shallow Water," which rocked and had some fine slide guitar. They also did a fun version of Led Zeppelin's "Misty Mountain Hop," which everyone was singing along to.

All in all, an amazing show for Ready In 10. With their music, they show a heartland sensibility that artists as diverse as John Mellancamp, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen have shown us. Ready In 10 definitely have a bright future-- and a great album you should check out!

"Ready In 10"

November '06
By: Kathy Flieshmann

Ready In 10 was one of several bands that served as openers for Nine Days on this night at The Crazy Donkey. In front of an audience in which the age range ran the gamut from the elderly to the very young, Ready In 10 played a non-stop 40 minute set with unflagging vitality, consisting mostly of tracks from their first full length CD, Face The World.
The quartet is comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Sal Nastasi, lead guitarist and vocalist Marc Viola, drummer Jim Milano, and bassist Mike Elefante. None of them are strangers to the scene, and are veterans of several Long Island bands.

Some of the highlights of the evening included the beautifully simplistic “One More Chance,” which gave vocalist Nastasi a chance to show off his vocal aptitude as well as Viola’s diversified guitar playing. “Green Eyed Girl” (dedicated to their “youngest fan” – a little girl of about four years of age who as in attendance) was another standout as it showcased the band’s dynamics. “Burn” was another crowd favorite, as was the blues-influenced “Fool.” They ended an overall impeccable set with their rendition of The Beatles’ “Dear Prudence.”
It’s not difficult to see why this band – though they have only been around for a little over a year – has attained such a large and dedicated fan base. It’s a group of skilled musicians and songwriters whose diverse backgrounds have merged into a common entity in their music. Lead vocalist Nastasi also went out of his way throughout their set to continually thank the crowd for coming out and supporting them.
- Good Times Magazine


“Ready In 10’s ‘Face the World’ as one of the top 10 albums of 2006”
-Inside Connection Magazine

“With their music, they show a heartland sensibility that
artists as diverse as John Mellancamp, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen have shown us. Ready In 10 definitely have a bright future…”

“It’s not difficult to see why this band has attained such a large and dedicated fan base.”
-Good Times Magazine

“It’s evident that these guys are no rookies. Ready In 10’s debut CD ‘Face the World’ is a friendly mix of rock and pop.”
-Aural Fix Magazine

“Their stellar performance that night solidified their place as rock and roll princes - ready to take their throne as the next generation of what is to come in music.”

“If these guys can land one big hit in their hometown, national attention is likely to follow. They have that mainstream mass appeal.”
- Various


Live EP (2005)
Face the World (2006), Lot More Records
31 Strong (2010), Lot More Records



Sometimes the well-traveled road can provide fertile ground for an original path. That's how founding members of Ready In 10 Sal Nastasi and Marc Viola describe their experience playing in Long Island's abundant cover scene. "We learned so much about how to perform and connect with a crowd," says Nastasi,” and we were able to really fine tune our musicianship. But we were always closet songwriters."

Childhood friends Viola and Nastasi quickly bonded over their shared love of 90’s rock and tight vocal harmonies. They channeled these influences into a set of uplifting, melody driven pop-rock songs and began performing as an acoustic duo. Their strong songwriting and stage performance attracted the attention of local musicians Mike Elefante on bass, and Mike Moore on drums, and together they began honing the sound that would eventually become Ready In 10. The band snagged its name from a Chinese restaurant menu promising quick delivery, and that is exactly what Ready In 10 does. They deliver solid and hard hitting pop rock music with soaring guitars and throbbing rhythms lying comfortably beneath Sal’s distinctive voice, immediately becoming a part of your life’s backdrop like it’s been playing for years; a part of your growing up, dealing with work, love, and life.

Ready In 10 began playing for very large audiences early in game including opening up a sold-out Rusted Root performance only six months after the bands inception in January 2005. The band released its debut album, "Face the World", to coincide with a sold-out performance of their own at LiveTrax in Bellmore, New York in August of 2006. "Face the World" features songs of both epic scope and organic simplicity, from the thunderous power of “One Man Show”, to the whimsical wink of “Now I’ll Lay”, to the achingly beautiful “One More Chance.” The album quickly garnered the attention of the local press, and was named one of the ten best albums of the year by the nationally distributed Inside Connection magazine. The local airwaves soon followed suit, with the band finding a home in the regular rotation of college and internet radio stations, as well as the mainstream WMJC 94.3 FM.

With a loyal grassroots following well in hand, Ready In 10 set out to tour the Northeastern United States, playing venues big and small from Virginia to New Hampshire, in front of an ever expanding fan base. Some notable shows include a residence during the summer of 2007 at The Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, where the boys played with some of the biggest names in the business including Fallout Boy, The Fray, Goo Goo Dolls and Long Island’s Nine Days. Lead singer Nastasi has performed the National Anthem at three New York Jet games, and the band’s single, “Green Eyed Girl” was featured in an online advertisement for Sony Ericsson. In February of 2009, the band learned that fan favorite “One More Chance” won 1st runner-up at the 5th annual International Acoustic Music Awards, which helped them gain an invitation to the prestigious Red Gorilla Music Festival in Austin, Texas. The group also has upcoming shows booked in Narragansett, Albany, Philadelphia, Hoboken, New York City and Washington, DC with plans to start reaching some points further west in the near future.

Always willing to make a difference, Ready In 10 has helped lend a hand to various causes and charities. In the summer or 2008 Ready In 10 gathered corporate sponsors and local Long Island businesses in an effort to raise funds for Ride for Life, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease. By selling CD’s and performing three concerts throughout the campaign the band raised thousands of dollars and will continue working with Ride for Life as they move toward finding a cure for ALS.

When Ready In 10 is not out pounding the pavement across the region the foursome has been busy writing and recording new material in their studio in Babylon, NY. Additionally, the band was in New York City this past December recording tracks with rising young vocalist Rachel Millman, with Sal lending his smoky and sexy vocals to her first single, “Throwin’ Rocks at the Moon.”

Viola explains, “We are having fun, and we want our fans to sense that when we step on stage. We are always excited to see our fans and how diverse they are, especially when it comes to their ages. We kind of feel like the everyman/woman band, and I think it’s because we play music that reflects the nuts and bolts of everyday life, not the pretend or fantasy stuff. We express how we deal with facing the world…and we play outstanding guitar riffs!”