Reagan Boggs

Reagan Boggs

 Bristol, Tennessee, USA

Songwriters can be stereotyped as being gifted lyricists without the ability to stretch a note. Reagan is an accomplished songwriter with a voice that can captivate a room. Like a Julie Miller, Lucinda Williams, or Mindy Smith, she delivers well crafted compositions with natural soul and passion.


Reagan Boggs’ last album was released in 2007. Rob Reinhart listened and commented, "Reagan Boggs is a fantastic songwriter, and powerful singer.’ ‘The Graves' (track 9) is brilliant, edgy Americana and 'Mixed Signals' (track 10) sounds like the Ronstadt repertoire from 1973. This disc may be your most pleasant discovery of the year!" Those were flattering words from someone who’s heard it all and is exposed to new music daily. He is the creator and host of Acoustic Café, a program that focuses on songwriters, and now airs on eighty-some stations across the globe. Rodney Crowell, Darrell Scott, John Prine, and Shawn Colvin, are just a few to have graced the studio café.

Reagan toured the West Coast for the first time in 2008 supporting the release of Right Now. Soon after returning to East Tennessee, she learned of another first in her life. On July 18, 2009 she gave birth to a healthy, 7lb 7oz baby boy named Parker. She proudly traded in her guitar case for a diaper bag and put music aside for time with her "Little Man." Reagan realized that she had an album that might be special and not giving it full attention and promotion may reduce its chances for success. She also knew that her son was the most important thing in her life. Four years have passed since that recording. Being a native of Pound, VA, an area that is steeped in coal mining tradition, her roots have always inspired songs. Even though she had temporarily stepped away from music, recent issues bringing negative news once again to the coal industry compelled her to write again.

“The thing that bothered me most was the seeming lack of appreciation, or maybe just the lack of understanding. I didn’t write it necessarily about pro-coal, I wrote it about having some appreciation for what the men that work so hard in such difficult environments, what it means and has meant to our country and will for lifetimes. I wonder sometimes how much of our population, our youth, understands how our lives would be if these men weren’t making the sacrifices they do so we can have electricity and more. Havin’ steel…ya know? Anyway, always told myself I’d avoid writing anything close to political and hope this isn’t perceived as so. It’s not meant that way. It’s meant just as it’s written, as it’s titled - 'Thank you'.”

“Thank You (Miner’s Song)” was released in select areas in April of 2011. The composition has exploded something inside her that caused months of recording leading to a new 14-track compilation. The album doesn’t have a name yet, but is being recorded and produced again at Eastwood Studios in Nashville by Eric Fritsch (Sheryl Crow, Scott Miller) and will include an array of talented musicians including Fritsch playing multiple parts. Dave Coleman (The Coal Men) sings and plays steel on the duet “You Deserve Better.” Paul Griffith (John Prine, Chris Knight), Steve Bowman (Counting Crows) and Matt Crouse (Billy Dean, Savannah Jack) all play drums on the record. Park Chisolm (Kevin Costner, Jo Dee Messina) and Bones Hillman (Midnight Oil, Elizabeth Cook) are featured on electric and upright bass. A fine Irishmen, David Duffy (Elvis Perkins), saws the fiddle – or really the violin. With a cast of characters like that you gotta wonder what this thing is going to sound like . . . you’ll have to wait and find out . . . . Hint . . . . It’s pretty darn good!!!

Reagan is currently playing shows with Nashville based group The Coal Men - sometimes as a backing band, and in many cases as a combo show.

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Live on Mountain Stage:

Share Them with You:

Festival in the Park - Next Time Around:

MY Little Man

Shared the stage with:
Scott Miller & the Commonwealth
Jake Owen
Mic Harrison
Lorrie Morgan
David Via and Corn Tornado
Chris Knight
Goose Creek Symphony
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Stations currently playing the new CD:
WDVX, Knoxville, TN
WETS, Johnson City, TN
WMMT, Whitesburg, KY
WYOU, Virginia Beach, VA
WHAY, Whitley City, KY
WAXM, Norton, VA
WNVA, Norton, VA
WTJU, Charlottesville, VA
WDHR, Pikeville, KY
WNCW, Spindale, NC
The Freeway Internet Radio, Dallas TX
WGWG, Boiling Springs, NC
Altville (Syndicated Program)
CountryBear (Internet Radio)
WSLC, Roanoke, VA
Engage – Evolving Artist Internet Radio
Roots Rock Radio – - -
KDHX, St. Louis, MO
WJJC, Commerce, GA
WMNF, Tampa, FL
WIVK, Knoxvile, TN


Long Ride for a Long Shot - schedule to release 2012
Thank You (Miner's Song) - Single April, 2011
Right Now, August 2007
Never Looking Behind, January 13, 2006
I Can Handle Crazy, Jan. 27, 2004

Set List

For a one hour show, material is generally limited to original material only (depending on the venue). More sets may include covers that may or may not receive heavy airplay on commercial radio.

1. Share them with You
2. Right Now
3. Ready to Run
4. Stars in Our Eyes
5. Plastic Flowers
6. West End
7. Catching Up on Doing Nothing
8. Everything Here
9. Clifton Branham
10. Next Time Around
11. Never Leave Harlan*
12. Graves
13. Mixed Signals
14. Can’t Do Life
15. Wait a Minute*
16. You Say You Want Me
17. Lying Bastard

*Cover songs