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REAGAN ERA, 5-song CD demo (self-released)
Those few of you who caught REAGAN ERA at the recent Blunt Force Trauma show at The Compound got a taste of what old school was all about all those years ago. This potent quartet set up on the floor following Macho's set (ahem!) and proceeded to blast it like it was 1986 all over again. REAGAN ERA stomped out a barrage of originals and a number of choice covers by Sick Pleasure (Houston), Negative Approach (!) and The Offenders. I landed a demo from them, but fear not -- intrepid HC fanatic -- you can hear all of the tracks on it on their Myspace page. On the demo, you've got four boss originals (or obscure covers): "Bankruptcy," "Wasted Time," "Once Again" and "Bad TV." REAGAN ERA-- that's Orion on vocals, Marty on bass, Rob on guitar and Pascal on drums -- also toss in a killer version of "I Hate Myself" by The Offenders for good measure. Can't wait for the 7 inch or LP ... Let's get them back here post haste. AMPED UP! sez: **** - AMPED UP! (Corpus Christi)


We have released a Self Titled EP and have been on two compilations. The first comp was "Cheap Ass Music volume 1" on Cheap Ass Records and the second comp was "Operation: United Forces HC" was to help raise support for the troops stationed over seas (and for every one bought, one was shipped to a soldier for free).



We have all been in the scene in different parts of the country since the mid-80's. Orion on the West Coast in the Sacto/Bay Area scene, Marty in the Detroit scene and Robert and Pascal initiated in the Texas scene. With all of our influences (which include Dr. Know, DI, Bad Brains, the Offenders, MDC, Verbal Abuse, the CroMags, Negative Approach and many more) we made up our minds to show the kids what is meant to actually be a punk... to speak your mind, get your aggression out and play every show like it might be the last. In other words put ourselves out there 110% each and every time (whether it's for a crowd of 4--which has happened--or 10,000).