Mississauga, Ontario, CAN

An energetic indie rock-ish-but-sorta-not-really combination of melodic leads over a catchy rhythm backline. We are RealBear, and we're here to make you dance.


Formed in late 2011, RealBear came together in the depths of lead singer Mike Papaloni's basement in Mississauga, Ontario. All members sharing an interest in the same type of energetic, melodic bands and genres allowed them to bond on the same "musical wavelength", pumping out originals from practice #2 that are still proudly played today, along with many others. We are known for letting our closest friends tag along to our practices. Practicing in front of small audiences during rehearsals is a great way to get feedback.
The name "RealBear" refers to the previously unidentified insulating fluff found on the inside of select sweaters and sweater hoods, hence the hoodie in our most primitive graphic art. 


2012: "Ignite the Businessman" Demo EP- Recorded in lead singer Mike Papaloni's basement studio.

2013: "SandBox" Ep - Two track EP consisting of "Sandbox" and "Re-alignment". Produced by Jeremy Legault.

Set List

1. Let You Down
2. Fragments (Version I)
3. Incandescent Marquees
4. Divine
5. Light
6. Darling, You're a Mess
7. [Reserved for particular gig's cover]
8. Loop
9. Cruelty Cinema
10. Midnight Sun
11. Sandbox

Note: Setlist is subject to change based on time slot/show setup