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Manhattan, New York, United States | SELF

Manhattan, New York, United States | SELF
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Tuesday, November 6, 2007
The Real Be Easys funk up the Tourist Inn
Managing Editor

I walked into the Tourist Inn in Hallam, Pa on Friday night expecting a dive bar full of shady drunk people. I was pleasantly surprised when I was welcomed at the door, escorted to the stage area and introduced to Evan Jaffee, the lead singer and guitarist of the Real Be Easys. Hailing from three different areas of New York, Evan Jaffee, 23, Paul “Paulie T,” 22, and
California Leighton, 25, comprise the band the Real Be Easys. Evan and Paul started the band about five years ago when they were freshman at Boston University. “We lived three doors down from each other. That could have been our band name, but it was already taken,” Paul and Evan laugh. Leighton was added after the band went through a few different drummers; he was definitely a good addition. I asked the guys what kind of music they play, telling them I heard it was “alterna-funk.”
“It’s rock with some funk. Why don’t you tell us after the show?” Paulie T was the most talkative of the bunch, but I later found out that
he’s usually the quiet one. “I’m usually more talkative,” Evan said followed by Paulie T’s statement, “I’m usually more quiet.”
The Real Be Easys have been touring around the Eastern part of the United States for the past couple of months. They have played about 60 shows total and loved every one of them. “We’ve had a really good time in Pennsylvania.
Everyone has been really great,” Paulie T told me. They said their favorite place they have played in the area was Tubby’s in
Duncannon. After talking with these guys before the show, I was so excited to see them play. They said their hope is to make everyone on the same page with their music —
make everyone open and easy going. I later realized that is
exactly what their music does.
After watching sound check and waiting a few minutes for the show to start, I was blown away the minute Evan’s fingers strummed his
guitar, Paulie T’s finger’s picked his bass and Leighton’s sticks hit the drums. After the first song, I knew exactly how to describe Real Be Easys’ music – rock with blues and funk undertones. Evan’s ability on
the guitar far surpasses many his age. I tried to find someone, anyone, to compare his sounds to; but I couldn’t think of anyone.
The only thing that came to mind was John Mayer in the John Mayer Trio, but they aren’t nearly as laid back as Mayer: these guys know how to rock. Every song they played brought something new to the Inn. While most of the songs included a guitar solo from Evan, each solo was different than the last. Leighton did some great things with the drums, incorporating ghost notes that
added a subtle texture and mastering the difficult patterns and intricacies a funk rhythm demands. Paulie T moved around the bass quickly and with precision. He
really held the low end together.
Paulie T and Evan used a lot of effects from pedals to make their three piece sound so much bigger than expected. I was so impressed by the end of the show I just had to let them know. I talked to Evan and Paulie T before I made my
way back to York. They were really great guys. Before they rushed back inside to listen to the next band – a courtesy you don’t see
much these days – they both thanked me, and Evan gave me a hug. I smiled as I left the Tourist Inn, thinking about how rare it is to see such a talented group of guys be so down to earth and respectful. I am definitely keeping these guys in my must hear CD collection. Their full-length CD is called Lost Paradise and includes a DVD. You can purchase one on
their website,
The group also has a MySpace page, so make sure to check them out. The music’s worth every minute. If you are interested in seeing these guys — which you should be — they are playing a few shows in the area.
See for a
complete show listing.
December 8
The band will be performing
at Shakey’s in Hershey
for Toy for Tots
Check out their music at
Purchase their CD and everything
else at
The Real Be Easys, Evan, Paulie T and Leighton, rock out on stage at the Tourist
Inn in Hallam, Pa Friday night.
- THE SPARTAN York College of Pennsylvania


Next up was the Real Be Easys. These guys are from New York City, but they are taking Pennsylvania by storm. They’re spreading out their listening area, and I’ll tell you one thing, they definitely got a new fan this night. Their awesome Funky, Rock Groove thing they got goin’ on is definitely something to hear and see. It’s also a genre of music you don’t hear too often in this area, which is a very good thing. There are only 3 guys, but they got their act together, making sure they are entertaining their crowds to their full ability. Just looking at these guys makes you want to bob your head to their funky beat. Evan’s turquoise guitar and their crazy shoes, just help get you into the groove. They have their first CD out that you can order online plus they have tons of merchandise. These guys are definitely coming in with a bang. Wait till you here them, Evan’s voice really has that funky twang, and the way Paulie plays that bass, wow! Let’s not forget Leighton on drums, his beat, keeps your head boppin all night long. In September they are all over the state, so make sure and check out their schedule so you can go hear some of their great songs like “Maniac,” “Defunkt,” and “On the Road.” I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

OUT & ABOUT with RACHEL ROCKS! PA Musician – September 2007
- PA Musician

"Arlene's Grocery - "Evan pulled out his solo skills for this one, energetically throwing himself about the performance area like so much jungle animal""

Real Be Easys (Arlene’s Grocery, NYC)

By Mark Hurley ⋅ June 2, 2008

Steadfast funk rock 3-piece Real Be Easys [Official Site] has been playing their native New York bar circuit for the past few months, and venues great and small are thankful for it. I caught them early in their latest circuit at Snitch Bar on West 21st, a smoky joint known more for their party atmosphere and background music than for fostering the best sound in their performers. In the preprogrammed lighting and apparent lack of sound technician, acts often flounder a bit. Real Be Easys could have been one of those, but there is much to be said for confidence in one’s sound, and lead singer Evan Jaffee and crew have plenty of it. Amidst the chaos, the band played a short but solid set, managing highlights in favorites like “Rollin’ My Jays” (a bonus track in demo form on their first record) and a spectacular guitar solo on new track “Milk and Honey.” Still, there were disappointments, mostly in the venue (don’t bother if you actually care about the artist), but also in the set list, a self conscious hard rock showcase that was built more for the venue than to actually display the band’s eclectic style and influences. At the show I picked up a copy of their new self titled EP, and an assurance that a coming residency at famed Arlene’s Grocery would better showcase the band’s trademark sound.

Real Be Easys headlined Arlene’s every Thursday in May, and I caught the third show, the thought being to see them as comfortable as they could be in their new surroundings. I was not disappointed. The venue was perfect for their party oriented sound, and the crowd was drunk and not averse to the dancing to the rhythm section’s riotous beats. The set list was far better suited to show off their diverse abilities than at Snitch, and favorites like “Ipso Facto” and “Defunkt” were centerpieces once again. Show opener “The Mall” seemed calculated to play the audience into a hard rock show, and did not fail.

The big surprise of the night was seeming album track “Schizophrenic Man,” a passable song in the studio but a jaw dropper on stage. Evan pulled out his solo skills for this one, energetically throwing himself about the performance area like so much jungle animal. The crowd’s response was undeniably at its peak, and the band responded with three more solid tracks. The set concluded with “Rollin’ My Jays,” keeping with new found tradition.

An eight dollar bar show, this was a solid night out. The band was solid, there were four other acts of various sensibilities, and Arlene’s has always been an unassuming but excellent venue. Follow Real Be Easys website to check tour status, and don’t forget to visit Arlene’s Grocery for solid underground rock, and their live Karaoke on Monday nights.
- 6/2/08 Radio Exile, Mark Hurley

"Real Be Easys - Lost Paradise Review"

Real Be Easys

Lost Paradise

This is a band that clearly likes their music loud, funky and a bit wild. They attack it with an enthusiasm and energy that gives a raw and jagged edge to the sound. Sort of like the Red Hot Chili Peppers before they discovered stadiums!

The opening track "Defunkt" perfectly sets the tone for what follows as rock and funk collide like a couple of shifting tectonic plates. They quickly build on this superb start with the equally energetic "Maniac"; and in "Ipso Facto" they have a song with both a highly catchy beat and chorus - genuine hit material in other words. The more sedate and 'unplugged' "Jam On" is also worth a listen as they show a gentler side, and "On The Road" also merits your attention if you want to fully appreciate the band's sound.

The music certainly has its share of searing guitar breaks and riffs supplied by front man Evan Jaffee, and he is given the solid platform on which to express himself courtesy of Paul Testagrossa on bass. Smooth sounding is not a description that we would apply to the Real Be Easys, and hopefully we'll never have to.
- Blues Bunny

"3/09 TWITTER Buzz -Real Be Easys Music Featured in Hillers The Series!"


Mike Stivala -
More Hillers music announcements -

Look for the music of NYC's The Real Be Easys in Hillers episode one!
6:08 AM Feb 2nd from web
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More Hillers music announcements - Look for the music of NYC's Real Be Easys in Hillers episode one! http://www.realbeeasys.com6:08 AM Feb 2nd from web
Mike Stivala reply to mikestivala


More Hillers music announcements - Look for the music of NYC's Real Be Easys in Hillers episode one! http://www.realbeeasys.com6:08 AM Feb 2nd from web
Mike Stivala reply to mikestivala


More Hillers music announcements - Look for the music of NYC's Real Be Easys in Hillers episode one! http://www.realbeeasys.com6:08 AM Feb 2nd from web
Mike Stivala reply to mikestivala

Twitter for Real Be Easys:

More Hillers music announcements - Look for the music of NYC's The Real Be Easys in Hillers episode one! http://www.realbeeasys.com6:08 AM Feb 2nd from web
mikestivala - Twitter Buzz

"Real Be Easys - Lost Paradise Review"

With the funk rock sensibilities of Bootsauce, the dance-ability of the Fratellis, and the pretty snarl of modern New York rock blaze Real Be Easys. There is a tendency to liken the band to a youthful Chili Peppers, but to do so would be a disservice to the intelligence of its homogeneous (let's emphasize "genius," and forget it is spelled differently, eh?) conglomeration of parts.

Whatever the ingredients of Real Be Easys' "Lost Paradise," fun would be listed first. Toe tap along with "Pop Bottles" and its ludicrous lyrics: "All I want is a tadpole/ I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole/ I wouldn't touch you with a tadpole." In fact, toe tap to every song on this album. "On the Road" teasingly reminds us of one of rock's heydays, 1997, when every band had a number at the end of their name and a driving hook in their heart (I'm talking Eve 6 circa "Inside Out," not Blink 182 here). One listen to "Jam On" reminds you why you spent so many late nights on the ole P2P finding every acoustic version of your favorite songs as you could. Can one ignore the Weiland-esque sleaze behind the vocals in "Maniac" and "Bullet?" Furthermore, listen to "Bullet" and try not to imagine Tom Morello behind that riff. Go ahead, I'll wait.

In that respect I will give my fellow reviewers the comparison to the Peppers. Ever wonder what would happen if the tone deaf Anthony Kiedis was replaced by the disgustingly competent Scott Weiland? If Real Be Easys lack anything in originality, they pick right the hell up with nostalgia, reminding us of when we could actually listen to rock radio.

The album includes two live tracks at the end. I only say this because someone needs to tell you these are live tracks. They are as polished as the studio tracks, though they employ a rawer sound, and turn down the funk dial a bit. The only real misstep, and I loathe to admit it, comes in "Life With My Knife" which unfortunately comes off as the best song your high school band could come up with: awesome for you, hugely lacking for Real Be Easys. Disjointed and somehow still simple, it is a filler track, and the band knows it, throwing it toward the end of the disk before the acoustic track and the live songs.

Universality is Real Be Easys' strongest attribute, their irreverence a close second. Guys usually have to dance to what the ladies want to hear, and now there is no room for complaint on either side. The kids that need something deeper in their rock than Nickelback's new single will demand this album, and old fogies our age (and our fathers' age) will finally settle down wondering what happened to fusion rock. This reviewer has not been this excited for a new band in at least a year. Never has an attempt to mix the chill of California with the intensity of New York worked so favorably, and if both coasts don't make these guys millionaires there is something wrong with them. If I have to make the Milton reference, there may be some lost paradise for these gents, but it is not to be found on this album. Now if only I can get them to play Da Phunky Fish…

Posted By Mark Hurley on 08.13.2007 - BROKENDIAL.INSIDEPULSE.COM

"Real Be Easys ~ Lost Paradise Review"

By Thomas Szewc

I imagine that secretly deep down, all artists have a desire to play music like the Real Be Easys. Lost Paradise is all about steady funk-rock beats and aesthetic lyrics designed to get a crowd moving. I dare anyone to listen to this album and not start tapping their foot, hand, or whatever appendage may feel the soul of the music. With a sound reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and a lead singer that reminds me of The White Strips/ The Raconteurs’ Jack White, the Real Be Easys are easily one of the most fun bands I’ve listened to in a while.

This album features a lot of energy; not one song feels like a throwaway or a break from the musical rush. As the opening track “Defunkt” kicks off, you know you’re in for something exciting. The guitar intro works well to pull the listener in, while the steady drums and bass set up the bouncy funk sound that gives the CD its signature feel. Each song that follows is just as creative with entrancing guitars and charismatic lyrics. Evan Jaffee’s magnetic voice is timed perfectly with each song’s rhythm, making songs such as “Ipso Facto” and “Rick Rubin” quite memorable. Even when the band slows it down for the acoustic “Jam On,” they fail to lose any of that swagger that makes the Real Be Easys so catchy.

What really makes this a solid album is that the lyrics are just as lively as the music itself. Many songs employ a free spirited and imaginative sense of rhyming, as the following lines from “On the Road” illustrate:

If impression don’t set in what you goin’ grin,
What you goin’ grin when you take a pig into the pen,
Flapjacks piggy backs looking for the road map,
Smooth Jack Kerouac riding in a Cadillac ...

Can you take lyrics like this seriously? Probably not. Are you meant to? I tend to doubt it. This type of music is more about characterization than deep substance. Frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way, as this ends up being one of the band’s greatest strengths. One of my favorite choruses comes within “Ipso Facto,” where Jaffee brazenly sings:

Ipso Facto be my Julie (absotively posilutely),
Be in grace embrace that booty (absotively posisnootly),
In the freezer keep it coolly (absotively posilutely),
Keep your mouth open and drooling (ohhh, maybe not) ...

I swear to you that “absotively posisnooty” will be joining my personal lexicon. There’s a great deal of little quirks like this that make the Real Be Easys quite the stand-out group.

The final two songs on the album, “High Beams” and “Rick Rubin,” are noted as being recorded live at The Hook in Brooklyn, New York. Personally, I didn’t think these songs sounded any different from the preceding studio tracks. If they hadn’t actually labeled them as being live on the back cover art, I doubt I would have realized. Certainly this says a lot of good things about the quality of the band’s live performances. However, as a personal gripe, I like for a live recording to truly capture the feeling of hearing a band live. When the featured tracks sound no different from non-live recordings (as well as feature no presence of an audience) it just feels to me like there’s no point. Still, it feels quite good to know if I ever saw these guys perform live, they would sound just as good as they do on their CD.

This is a paradise which most certainly should not remain lost. If you like your music fun and funky, then trust me - this one’s for you!

"Real Be Easys - Lost Paradise Review"

By Ruben Mosqueda

Real Be Easys are a trio of 20 somethings from the NYC area that offer up funk-fueled rock in the tradition of classic era Red Hot Chili Peppers meets Fishbone with the lyrical brilliance of a Les Claypool. With smooth guitar tones, booming bass lines, punchy beats, and a unique, yet whacky vocal provided by Evan Jaffee, the band works on that soft spot you have for something a little different. The stand out tracks on their independently released debut album Lost Paradise are “Bullet,” which has a killer jam vibe that kicks into this Rage Against the Machine groove, then there’s “On the Road,” which flows great from the opening right to the end, and “Rick Rubin.” If this last track won’t get this band noticed, I don’t know what will. And it does not end there. A hidden untitled track ends the album. Unlike most hidden numbers, this is far from a throwaway. It’s simply a funk rock gem and you‘ll think so too once you listen. Are Real Be Easys ready to take on the big boys? Well, they have the musicianship, the songwriting skills, they are green, but you know what? I do believe they’d put up on a hell of a fight. Lost Paradise is a solid effort, and if you’re a funk rock aficionado you’ll really sink your teeth into it.

- Pivital Rage

"2007 Real Be Easys (Independent)"

When it comes to most indie-rock bands these days, you thing of what has become not only a cliché term, but a bunch of people on stage playing modern day ‘shoegaze’ music, trying to be a clone of Belle & Sebastian, Pavement, or yet trying to be that ‘tragic artists like Elliot Smith or Nick Drake, but New York’s Real Be Easy’s defies that. They take the D.I.Y. musical ethic and add elements of funk & an overall rockin’ guitar driven sound, coming up with their own indie stance.

Basing themselves on the groove in the power trio format, guitarist/vocalist Evan Jaffee cuts through with his presence, playing out semi-metallic solos here and there, fronting the powerful rhythm section that is quick, powerful, and to the point. With eight tracks studio and two tracks live, Lost Paradise showcases the band’s ability all around; tracks like “Maniac” and “On the Road” perplex staccato funk grooves that will make the common person wonder, what the hell were we thinking giving Maroon 5 or 311 the critical acclaim, Real Be Easys are a force to be reckoned with.

For a sound that is profoundly executing hard-edged funk without all the snot nosed connotations, this band is the ‘real’ deal. The music is spontaneous and technical, being highly groovy and hook laden, therefore, there shall be no shoegazing at a Real Be Easys show.
Added: July 13th 2007
Reviewer: Tommy Hash
Related Link: The Official Real Be Easys Website


"1/16/09- The Heat - S. Diggs "This is a live band if ever I've heard one"."

The Heat - Music Review by S.Diggs
January 16, 2009
Lost Paradise - Real Be Easys

This band's energy is serious. "Lost Paradise" by Real Be Easys is an exercise in musical stamina. Complete with hypnotic drum cadences and a delivery that is all over the place this album is a one fun ass journey.

I can honestly say that this band doesn't sound like anyone else. Which in and of itself is a welcome relief. If shroom laced lyrics are your thing and heavy hypnotic guitar and rhythms fluff your feathers then this rock trio is for you. This is a live band if ever I've heard one.

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Losing The Illusions LP (C) 2010
Lyrics & Music by Evan M. Jaffee
1. Girlfriends
2. Neslo
3. Addict
4. Losing The Illusions
5. Fanatic Fantasy
6. Gone To The Country
7. What's The Word
8. Durban Poison
9. My Delicate One
10. Dead Man (Take Your Gun)
11. Pretty Colors
12. Peace Love & Sadness
13. What It Is

Incomplete Mind EP (C) 2008:
1. Schizophrenic Man
2. The Mall
3. Milk N' Honey
4. What's Going On In Your Head
5. Rollin' My Jays (Recorded Live for FearlessMusic)

Lost Paradise (C) 2007:
1. Defunkt
2. Maniac
3. Ipso Facto
4. Pop Bottles
5. Bullet
6. On The Road
7. Life With My Knife
8. Jam On
9. High Beams
10. Rick Rubin

Live On Flatbush (C) 2006:
1 pass the moonshine
2 life with my knife
3 come the revolution
4 byzantine
5 third avenue
6 all figured out
7 the jones
8 imaginary glory
9 wasted
10 cut me off
11 dimebag broken
12 that's the way i roll
13 raspy ride
14 rock n' roll
15 pack up the gremlins
16 the o song

Evan Jaffee (C) 2005
1 Roses In My Hands
2 Well So Deep
3 Let It Rain
4 Meeker Ave
5 Technicolor Dreams



Real Be Easys next album to be released early 2011 LP "All You Can Eat"! Checkout 4 of this album's tunes in their EPK - Beachy, Be Comfortable, Good Intentions & Shame. Email us what you feel. As always, thanks for your support. You make us possible.

Real Be Easys 3rd Album LP "Losing The Illusions", Alternative Retro Rock, available at Itunes & Amazon. Evan, Paulie and Ley friends since college, NYC boys, fans of their fans, send email to,will attach MP3 of choice. RBE's sound begs to be heard, to be felt.

Evan, devotes his life to writing, creating, producing, playing & thinking about music. Paulie & Ley bring it all to life. Losing The Illusions was heavily influenced by the Classics in addition to many new bands. Reminiscent of the timeless sounds of Beck, Beatles, Stone Temple Pilots, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, White Stripes, ACDC and others.

Real Be Easys show: Music aficionado hipsters, classic rock fans, & Alt. Rockers, fans of Nirvana & Stone Temple Pilots.

RBE have grown accustomed to roaming the road, humbled by the notion that another crowd in another town off another interstate may still be out there. They have cut their teeth on the molten crag that is the urban pavement of New York City, going wherever there are fans who want to party. From Philly to Baltimore, from Brooklyn to Harrisburg, a skip scattering gig-a-thon.

If all the bands from the 90’s & the 60’s had an orgy without protection, RBE would be the resulting child.

Music featured in MTV TV Series 2010: Teen Mom and

TV Series -Roadtrip Nation 2009

Losing The Illusions Credits: Steel Tree Films: Hillers TV Series featuring "Dead Man". "Addict” 2009 UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist & Honorable
Mention Billboard Worldwide Song Contest 2009 as well as “Losing The Illusions”. LA Music Awards Producers Choice Nomination for Power Trio of the Year for “Addict”

Incomplete Mind – EP Credits: Steel Tree Films: Hillers TV Series featuring Schizophrenic Man, Semi-Finalist for the UK Songwriting Contest 2008 and Mike Pinder’s Songwars
PBS TV Series Roadtrip Nation 2009-featuring (Instrumental) Milk N’ Honey

Lost Paradise Credits: Funky rock tracks like “Ipso Facto,” off their previous release “Lost Paradise”, chose as one of their Top 25 Songs for the year 2007
PBS TV Series Roadtrip Nation 2009 featuring “On The Road”.

Evan Jaffee –EP Credits: Cooch Music's 12th Amateur Songwriting Contest, 2nd Place Winner “Roses In My Hands”